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100 to 100 Campaign Focused on Breed Growth

The MFTHBA’s new 100 to 100 campaign is a way for individuals passionate about the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse to help support all aspects of the breed.  Through the campaign, the MFTHBA Sponsorship Committee is focused on finding 100 enthusiast, committed individuals willing to commit to raising $1000 to support the MFTHBA and its programs.

At the heart of the program is the belief that working together, the MFTHBA and its members can help the breed grow and succeed.  “I am very excited about this initial campaign which should grow into an annual campaign for our breed,” shared Lisa Cantrell, MFTHBA Vice President.  “This campaign will take work from many dedicated members, but this system of sponsorships will allow for the growth and benefits in all areas of the Fox Trotter breed.  We hope every member will get excited and help with this sponsor campaign.”

The name of the program, 100 to 100, recognizes the ultimate goal of 100 people turning their efforts into $100,000 to support all aspects of the breed.  Those wishing to participate can register on the MFTHBA website or contact the MFTHBA office.  In addition to being recognized as a 100 to 100 participant, anyone committing to the challenge and submitting their first $100 in donations by May 1 will also receive a special 100 to 100 t-shirt to recognize their commitment to the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.

Special 100 to 100 forms are available to help participants track their donations.  As a special benefit, any donor that contributes at least $100 will also receive benefits under the MFTHBA’s new sponsorship program.

“I am joining the 100 to 100 campaign because I believe in the future of this breed and I want to see it grow,” shared Josh Dampier.  Josh has been around the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse his entire life and now trains professionally.  “If we all work together we can see its success many years from now.”

Individuals interested in supporting a 100 to 100 participant or simply wanting to support the MFTHBA may do so as well.  “Any level of support is appreciated in helping us reach our goal,” shared Aaron Stanifer, MFTHBA President.  “If someone isn’t comfortable accepting the full challenge, but still wants to help, they can donate on the MFTHBA website to the campaign.”

A new added feature is the recurring gift option.  Individuals interested in making a recurring monthly donation may make arrangements with the MFTHBA office or can set this up through the online donation system.  “This is a great option for those that may want to spread out their donation payments,” added Mr. Stanifer.

Visit the 100 to 100 campaign page on the MFTHBA website at https://mfthba.com/100to100/