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2014 Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association Hall of Fame honors those members who have rendered devoted and invaluable service to the MFTHBA. Registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses may also be inducted into the Hall of Fame for having positively influenced the Missouri Fox Trotting Breed through community service, such as therapeutic riding, or through the success of their progeny.

On September 6, 2014, four members and three horses will be inducted into the MFTHBA Hall of Fame.

The 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees Don and Carol Cunningham, of Ava, Missouri, are among the earliest members of the MFTHBA and have been involved in nearly every aspect of the Association, including showing, breeding, and judging. They have promoted and shared their knowledge of Fox Trotters through youth activities, seminars, and active involvement in the Association and its affiliates. Don and Carol have co-owned well­-known horses such as Southern Jazz and Missouri Traveler E.

Linda Shaddy, of Grovespring, Missouri, is the trainer most often associated with the Fox Trotter model horse. Linda has bred, raised, or trained 50 World Grand Champions, 29 Reserve World Grand Champions, and many more Reserve and World Champions. Linda has been featured as a Missouri Fox Trotter conformation expert in magazines such as Horse & Rider.

Tom Owen, of Springfield, Missouri, has acted in many capacities within the MFTHBA, such as seminar leader, judge, breeder, and exhibitor. As President of the MFTHBA, Owen brought the Association into the “computer age.” Owen was also responsible for establishing the MFTHBA Hall of Fame.

Missouri’s Charming Princess M., owned by Larry and the late Keith Robbins of Farmington, Arkansas, won the World Grand Championship as a 2­-, 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old, and was retired undefeated. Princess produced Prince Jester, Jester’s Charming King, Jester’s Charming Legend, Jester’s Charming Princess, and Princess Jester’s Charm, thus having a tremendous impact on the MFTHBA.

The Kansas Kowboy D. is owned by John and Samantha Brandreth of Canton, Georgia. Through winning a record number of championships, Kowboy has brought world­wide recognition to the Missouri Fox Trotter. Kowboy was named the FOSH Horse of the Year in 2010, and has been featured in such magazines as Horse & Rider. “The Kansas Kowboy D. would like to thank everyone involved in his success,” said his owner, John Brandreth.

Southern Sunrise has sired more registered horses than any other Fox Trotter stallion. His progeny have won multiple championships in Model, Performance, and Versatility competitions. Southern Playboy, the 2013 MFTHBA Stallion of the Year, and Sensation’s Southern Gentleman, the 2013 Breeding Stallion of the Year, are his direct sons. Southern Sunrise was bred by Larry Stevens of Marshfield, Missouri, and is owned by Harry Patterson of Wichita Falls, Texas.