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2020 Sportsmanship Award Winner Announced

Good sportsmanship is part of the tradition of equine events.  Whether it is following rules and playing fair at a horses show, lending a hand to a fellow trail rider, or treating fellow equestrians with respect and courtesy, MFTHBA members exhibit good sportsmanship on a daily basis.  The MFTHBA Sportsmanship Award was designed to recognize MFTHBA members who exemplify the principles of good sportsmanship and consistently put them into practice.

MFTHBA members nominated five outstanding members for the 2020 award:  Julie Bellucci, Samantha Connelly, Jessica Moore, Jeff Peck, and Amber Wilson. All of the nominees were commended for their support of other Fox Trotter enthusiasts.

After voting from the MFTHBA membership, the 2020 Matthew Keeter Sportsmanship Award winner is Amber Wilson.  Miss. Wilson’s nomination letter said:

With all her MFTHBA activities, you’d never know she’s also a very busy business career lady.  Busy as Amber is, if she sees a need for assistance she’s either there herself, or knows the right person to encourage to help with the task.  While Amber sometimes shows, she is ALWAYS working in the background striving for efficiency and promoting our lovely Missouri Foxtrotting Horses. If you need a reliable volunteer, contact Amber!

Amber has always kept our Kansas City Regional Fox Trotting Horse Association in touch with Region 4 (she’s our rep) and the MFTHBA.  Amber is encouraging and helpful.  A beacon of diplomacy and positivity!

The MFTHBA appreciates all members who practice good sportsmanship.  Congratulations to Amber Wilson on being recognized by the MFTHBA membership as the 2020 Matthew Keeter Sportsmanship Award winner.  She will be presented the award at the Spring Show and Futurity.