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2021 Preliminary Ballot Released

The following members were nominated for the Board of Directors election this year.

Secretary/Treasurer – Melvin Snethern
Region 1 Director – Hope Adams
Region 4 Director – Chris Patterson
Region 9 Director – Julie Cook
Region 10 Director – David Rozzell

This year, members will also vote on a change to the MFTHBA bylaws.  This proposed change would alter the terms for MFTHBA officers (President, Vice-president, and Secretary/Treasurer) to three-year terms.  Currently, officers service two-year terms with the President and Vice President being voted on one year and the Secretary/Treasurer being voted on the opposite year.  The proposed change would mean that one officer would be voted on every year.  This is a change that has been discussed for several years.  The intent is to help provide an increased level of consistency between years.  The change of two important positions in one year often leaves the officers with little to no perspective of current projects or issues faced by the MFTHBA and puts the Officers at a disadvantage.  There would be no change to the term limit (6 years) that an officer could serve.

Members with questions regarding the proposed bylaw change should contact their Regional Director or any of the current MFTHBA officers.  Contact information is available HERE