Principles of Breeding V2

12 qualification of the horses concerning an improvement of the riding quality of Breed of MFT. Passing the performance test-riding is a prerequisite for the entry into the Stallion Book I / Mare Book I. 7.2.1 Test Sections The EMFTHA performance test-riding consists of the following sections: Section 1: evaluation of inner characteristics during the test day for all participating horses Section 2: test of the gaits under saddle in a dressage arena for all participating horses Section 3: horsemanship pattern Section 4: a. Composing test under saddle for all participating horses for entry in Stud Book Classes I b. Guided Composure Test for all participating horses for entry in the Stud Book Classes II 7.2.2 Evaluation Single scores from 0 to 10 will be issued for the evaluation of the horses. Only full or half scores are acceptable. To pass the test all sub criteria must be executed and evaluated with scores from 1 – 10. The final score is the average of the individual scores for the five assessment characteristics. If sub score 0 is assigned in at least one assessment characteristic, no overall score is determined. 7.2.3 Repetition of the Performance Test Riding The performance test-riding can be repeated. All partial tests must always be completed. The current test results are valid from all tests passed. 7.2.4 Recognition of Tournament Tests Horse performance test-riding is also considered to be successful for breeding stallions, broodmares and geldings, if the rules of the tournament are based on the Rule Book of the MFTHBA, published on the homepage . The Principles for Breeding of the MFTHBA Breeding Program came into force on November 10, 2020