Principles of Breeding V2

2 2. The Definition of the Characteristics of the Breed (or Breeds) or the Population covered by the Stud Book The goal is to breed a light, medium-sized, well-shaped, correct, healthy and fertile warmblood horse, with a predisposition to the Fox Trot, a diagonal, broken 4-beat gait. In Walk and Fox Trot the horse should show a natural rhythm with a head shake in the rhythm of the gait, the ears reflect the gait of the horse. High knee actions are unwanted, and each movement should cover ground smoothly and efficiently. The Missouri Fox Trotter is an ideal trail horse because of its great disposition and good-natured character. Because of its versatility, it is also ideal as a leisure (pleasure) horse, which is suitable for riding as well as for driving. 3. The Definition of its basic Objectives of Selection Origin USA, Missouri Height 14 – 16 hands (Height) Color all colors Head symmetrically shaped and of moderate length (equal or shorter than 1/3 of body length); distance from outside of one eye to outside of the opposite eye should be equal to one-half the length of the head; jawbones should be prominent with adequate space between jawbones where they join at the throat; head should taper to a refined muzzle Neck sufficiently long, approximately 1/3 of the body length Body balanced format; long, sloping shoulder with an angle of 45 – 50 degrees; a short (to moderate length) back, reaching into the withers; adequate length croup with a slight downward tilt; wide deep chest; moderate, not too long legs and moderate muscling. Foundation correctly formed limbs with adequate size joints; hooves adequate for the size of the horse, well-shaped and hard; the toe direction of the hind legs may be slightly pointed outward (as long as the outward turn comes from the hips and not the hocks or below). Movement pure rhythm, harmony, flat, with an active stride; every movement is meant to cover ground; the forehand is to reach out far forward and the hindquarters reach under to at least cap the front hoofprints; any knee action is undesirable A. FOX TROT is a diagonal 4-beat gait. The Fox Trot is a stylish gait; the horse walks in an elegant manner with the front legs and trots with the