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A Message From The President

Earlier this week, the MFTHBA announced the shift to our new database system. This shift also meant the MFTHBA began using its new design of the Certificate of Registration. In the past few days, I have seen comments suggesting the MFTHBA did not provide members an opportunity to provide feedback before this change. This process has been a long one so I felt I should address these comments by providing a timeline of this process.

• Early 2019: A small group started meeting to review examples from other registries and consider feedback received from members. This group represented members from Trail, Show, and Breeders. For months this group met, discussed, debated, and ultimately drafted a sample of what the new papers might look like.
• December 11, 2019: The committee sent a sample MFTHBA and MFTPR certificate of registration to the Board of Directors for comment and review.
• December 17, 2019: The Board discussed the design during their workshop. During the meeting, the Board unanimously approved moving forward with the initial concept. The committee was
then charged with outlining how and what awards would be documented.
• April 8, 2020: The Board was emailed a proposal regarding the documentation of awards on the papers and was again sent the sample papers for review.
• April 14, 2020: The Board discussed the proposal and the papers in their workshop. During the meeting, the Board approved (unanimous with one abstention) the proposal and reaffirmed their approval of the certificate of registration design.
• June 11, 2020: The sample certificate of registration was published on the MFTHBA website and Facebook page for member comment. The comments received were discussed.
• October 2020: The sample was provided to the database company.
• December 2020: The MFTHBA office started testing the registration process. Formatting adjustments were made and other minor changes based on how the certificate of registration
converting into the database. Test printing was done.
• January 25, 2021: The new system was implemented.

While the new certificate of registration looks different, it has some great added features that, over time, I hope everyone appreciates.

A separate extended pedigree can be sent to any owner upon request.

We will be providing additional updates on the new database in the near future.

Mark Mackie