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Accomplishment Records Added to Registration Papers

With the launch of the new database and the new design of the Certificate of Registration (aka “registration papers”), Missouri Fox Trotting Horse owners will now see a horse’s accomplishments, along with that of its ancestors, documented on the back of the papers. There are three categories of accomplishments that will appear: Lifetime Achievements, Annual Awards, and WGC/RWGC titles.

Lifetime Achievement Recognition

Lifetime achievements include Hall of Fame induction and achievements earned under the new Medal Program (including Supreme All-Around, All-Around, and Silver or Gold Medals earned in any of the 16 categories).  Click HERE to see the complete list of Medal Program Categories.  The Hall of Fame designation has already been added for each member of the MFTHBA equine Hall of Fame.

Annual Awards

Each year the MFTHBA awards three main horse awards:  Stallion of the Year, Breeding Sire of the Year, and Trail Horse of the Year.  Once added to the horse’s record these awards will appear along with the year awarded.  If the horse wins the award multiple times, each year it was earned will be documented.

World Grand Champion/Reserve World Grand Champion titles

Starting in 2020, when a horse earns a World Grand Champion (WGC) or Reserve World Grand Champion (RWGC) title it will be added to their accomplishment record.  This designation will appear along with the area it was earned (i.e., World Grand Champion-Model).  There are five areas available:  Performance, Model, Versatility, Ranch Horse, and Ranch Sorting.  In the event the horse wins multiple titles in one area, the award listing will indicate the number the horse has earned (i.e., World Grand Champion-Versatility (3x)).

For horses that earned titles before 2020, owners may have the title added to their horse’s record.  A form is now available to submit historical titles.  A small fee ($15 for the first title added to the horse’s record and $5 for each additional title submitted at the same time) will be assessed.  If an owner would like their horse’s papers reprinted to show the titles, simply include the horse’s current registration papers with the form and pay the $10 reprint fee.

For horse owners that do not want their papers reprinted, an online form will be available soon.  If you plan to request a reprint, do not use the online form.  Please include the form with your registration papers.

Forms are located on the registry forms page (click HERE).


An example of how awards appear on the registration papers. Even if an owner chooses not to reprint their registration papers, the awards will appear on future offspring’s papers, any papers of offspring that are reprinted, and in the horse’s official record. In the future, this information will also be available on the Online Horse Records system.