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Affiliate Rules

MFTHBA Affiliate Rules

Revised June 2009

The MFTHBA encourages affiliate participation in equine events and continues to support same with the MFTHBA booths, literature and cost-share rebates. The MFTHBA continues to grow, thanks to the tremendous efforts of all the affiliates. Your support has increased MFTHBA membership as well as our recognition in the equine industry. The MFTHBA is very grateful for your help in promoting the greatest horse in the world, The Missouri Fox Trotter.

1. The MFTHBA requires an affiliate to actively promote the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.
2. Affiliates must maintain a minimum membership of twenty members, which must also be current members of the MFTHBA.
3. Affiliate individual memberships must be paid by February 1 of each year. Annual reporting of paid memberships must be made each year by March 1 in order to receive any cost-share funds from the MFTHBA.
4. All officers of the Affiliate must be current MFTHBA members. The MFTHBA requires that Affiliates report a list of new officers each year as elections are held, including date and location.
5. Complimentary space is available for affiliate news in The Journal each month. Group or individual pictures of events are encouraged. Due to space limitations only the first through third placings for MFTHBA approved horse show classes will be printed.
6. The Official Rules, Standards, and Policies book must be followed by affiliates.
7. Through their elected representative, each affiliate is encouraged to present a report to the Board of Directors at the Annual Affiliate Meeting held each September during the Show and Celebration.
8. Affiliates shall actively encourage and promote the formation of a Youth Horsemanship Program for Fox Trotters in their area.
9. The affiliate agrees to keep records and supply on request to the MFTHBA Board of Directors.
10. The MFTHBA Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any affiliate application or revoke any affiliate charter.

Affiliate Programs

1. Promotional Booth – One of three promotional booths or three banners may be reserved for affiliate use during horse expos, fairs, shows, etc.
2. Cost Share – The MFTHBA may pay up to 50% of booth space cost, not to exceed $500.
3. Membership list – Each affiliate officer may request a list of MFTHBA members in their state for use during membership drives.

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