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Annual Board of Directors Workshop Summary

Your MFTHBA Board of Directors conducted their annual workshop to welcome new board members and set goals for 2018.  It was a busy and productive day.

The process included developing a long term Strategic Plan for the Association that includes the following elements, in no particular order of importance.

  1. Improve our communication with the membership. This newsletter is an example of that effort to push out information concerning board discussions and actions taken in a timely manner. Our expectation here is to encourage membership participation in our decision making process.
  2. Improve our existing programs or develop new programs designed to increase membership, transfers and registrations, and better market the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.
  3. Begin the process of replacing our current database and computer systems. This was considered a high priority item by the Board. We discussed the need for a new system that is fully integrated, enhances work flow and productivity at the office, improves record keeping and encourages membership participation. Our goal for 2018 is to identify a system that meets those priorities and begin purchasing and conversion by the end of the year.
  4. Improve membership engagement. This includes improving engagement of our members outside of Missouri. We discussed emphasizing our families and youth at our Spring Show and adding opportunities for youth participation in all regions of the Association. Adding clinics for versatility, judging and other disciplines was also mentioned. It will take the active participation of our Affiliates to achieve this goal.
  5. Strengthen Board and Committee Leadership. We understand that the Board and the Committees that support it can only be effective if we have people serving in these positions that will put the best interest of the Association ahead of all else when discharging their duties. We will be taking a “Start Fresh” approach to re-examine the roll of each committee and seek member volunteers to serve who are committed to achieving the goals outlined in this Strategic Plan.
  6. Improve our current Judging System. Our areas of concern and focus will be the number and location of judges clinics and the process of selecting judges for the shows. Any rule book changes that are deemed necessary as a result of this process will be made for the 2019 season.
  7. Address the long terms needs of our Showgrounds. We understand that the short term maintenance costs are rising as a result of aging water, electrical and sewage systems. Solving this problem will take a significant investment. To insure the long term viability of the grounds we need to consider arena improvements and design changes that could generate additional revenue.

It was a great workshop and your Board is looking forward to serving you, the membership, in 2018. Stay Engaged and pass along any comments or ideas that will help achieve or Strategic Plan to your Regional Representative.

Until Next Time

MFTHBA Board of Directors