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Volunteers Still Needed for the World Show and Celebration

2015 WORLD Ivory  Burgundy logo-colorThe MFTHBA Show Committee is in search of a few volunteers for the 2015 World Show and Celebration scheduled for September 6-12 at the MFTHBA World Headquarters in Ava, Missouri. Volunteers are needed for various jobs including serving as ring stewards, assisting at center ring, working at the gate and other duties.

The Show Committee is also looking for flag horses to assist with the opening ceremonies for the evening session.

Anyone interested in assisting should contact Chris Patterson, MFTHBA Show Committee Chairman, at (816) 807-9155 or chris@pattersonoil.com.

Exhibitors Reminded of Equine Health Procedures for Show and Celebration

2015 WORLD Ivory  Burgundy logo-colorWith the World Show and Celebration just a few weeks away, the MFTHBA Board of Directors encourages all exhibitors to keep their horse’s health and the health of other equine competitors in mind. “The health of all the horses attending the World Show and Celebration is a top priority for the MFTHBA,” said Dr. Joyce Graening, MFTHBA president.

The MFTHBA requires all horses entering the MFTHBA World Headquarters have a current Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (within the last 30 days) and negative Coggins test. While not required, the board recommends that exhibitors work with the veterinarian to determine appropriate booster vaccinations needed prior to attending the show.

The MFTHBA also recommends that exhibitors practice good biosecurity prior to, during, and following the event. Below are some suggestions for preventing disease in your horses. These recommendations were adapted from the United States Department of Agriculture brochure “Biosecurity—The Key to Keeping your Horse’s Health.”

At the show or trail ride:

  • Don’t share equipment (e.g. buckets, brushes, etc.) with other horses. Diseases, fungus, and bacteria can be spread through shared equipment.
  • Wash your hands, especially after you help other people with their horses.
  • When you arrive at the show grounds or trail riding facility, clean and disinfect the stalls you will be using. This is especially important in locations where another horse recently occupied the stalls.
  • When you arrive home, shower and put on clean clothes and shoes before going near your other horses. Clothing can carry disease from one location to the next.

Visiting farms, horse shows and auctions:

  • Have a pair of boots or shoes that you save for visiting. These shoes or boots should not be worn around your own horses. Plastic boot covers are another option. Manure and soil collected on your boots can carry disease from one location to the next.
  • Change clothes when you arrive home, prior to working with your own animals.

Bringing a horse home from a show or trail ride:

  • If even one of your horses travels, all of your horses need to be vaccinated. Horses can bring disease home with them to your operation. Work with your local veterinarian to determine an appropriate vaccination program. Be sure to tell the veterinarian where you plan to travel as different areas of the country have different disease concerns.
  • When you return from a trip with your horses, isolate the horse from the rest of your herd for at least 2 weeks. Returning horses should not be allowed to have nose-to-nose contact with other horses.
  • Work, feed, and care for quarantine horses last to prevent spreading diseases among your herd.
  • Don’t share equipment (e.g. buckets, brushes, etc.) with other horses. Diseases, fungus and bacteria can be spread through shared equipment.
  • Wash your hands and change your clothes after you work with quarantined horses.

Exhibitors are encouraged to work with their local veterinarian to determine other ways they can prevent the spread of disease.

“We want all the equine visitors to the World Show and Celebration to arrive and leave healthy,” added Dr. Graening. “If the health status of your equine partner is in question, we ask that you consider all the other horses attending the event when making your decision to bring the horse to the showgrounds.”

Trail Obstacle Challenge to Support MFTHBA Youth Association

Youth logo fixed (2)Each year the Trail Obstacle Challenge competition becomes more popular, and this year it will help support the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Youth Association (MFTHBYA). The 2015 Celebration Trail Obstacle Challenge will be held on Friday, September 11. Like in previous years, there will be three divisions: Open, Open Amateur and Youth. The competition will be held on the Fox Trot Playground located at the MFTHBA World Headquarters in Ava, Missouri. The entry fee will be $20 per entry with 50 percent of the entry money being paid back to the top 3 placing entries in each division. The remaining money will go directly to the MFTHBYA to support scholarships and other youth events.

“The Youth Committee is excited about this new fundraiser,” said Jessica Moore, MFTHBA Youth Committee Chairman. “We were looking for a new, fun way to raise money for the MFTHBYA youth programs.” The Trail Obstacle Challenge competition will replace the traditional Youth Auction as the primary form of raising money for the MFTHBYA.

To assist potential exhibitors in preparing for the Friday, September 11 event, the MFTHBA Membership Committee will be hosting a Trail Obstacle Clinic on Thursday, September 10. Pam Lynn and Alexis Zastoupil, both experienced obstacle challenge competitors, will be on hand to answer questions and give potential exhibitors pointers on successfully navigating the Fox Trot Playground. The clinic will run from 10 a.m. to noon.

“We hope people will come to the clinic on Thursday, learn a little about the obstacles, and then compete on Friday,” shared Amy Stangl, MFTHBA Membership Committee Chairman. “Attendees to the World Show and Celebration are welcome to take the horses to the playground to practice any time; however, the clinic is a great way to get questions answered or just get some tips on introducing your horse to obstacles.”

Entry forms for the Trail Obstacle Challenge will be available soon on the World Show and Celebration website. Participants may pre-enter the event. Entries will also be accepted at the show office during the show. All entries must be completed before the office closed on Thursday, September 10, at 4:30 p.m.

“We hope people will come out and have a little fun with their Missouri Fox Trotting Horse. It is also a great way to support the young members of our association,” added Moore.

Percheron Exhibition Team to Attend 2015 World Show and Celebration

6 Horse hitchsmall

Precision Percherons, owned by Shaun and Kendra Bovard of Good Hope, Missouri will demo during the World Show and Celebration

Friday and Saturday night of the 2015 World Show and Celebration will include a special demonstration Precision Percherons. Owned by Shaun and Kendra Bovard of Good Hope, Missouri, the six-horse hitch Percheron team will perform prior the start of the show on Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12.

“We appreciate MFTHBA Member Carol Cunningham presenting this opportunity to the MFTHBA Board of Directors and for her efforts in coordinating their participation,” said Dr. Joyce Graeing, MFTHBA President.

The demonstration will begin at 5:30 p.m. each evening with the opening ceremonies for the show starting at 6:00 p.m.

MFHTBA Members and Journal Subscribers can learn more about Precision Percherons in the June/July issue of The Journal available now.

High Point Competition Returns for Model and Performance Exhibitors

2015 WORLD Ivory  Burgundy logo-colorThe high point competition introduced at the 2015 Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity will also be available at the 2015 Show and Celebration. “The Show Committee is excited to bring back this award which recognizes performance and model exhibitors for showing throughout the week,” said Debbi Levillie, MFTHBA Show Committee member.

The program will have the same rules and will again award participants great prizes. High point winners will receive a beautiful belt buckle donated by Brian and Debbi Levillie and a custom halter from Bryan Biggs along with other items to be determined. Reserve winners will receive an embroidered jacket from Stitches Embroidery-Debbi Levillie along with other items still to be determined.

Participants in the high point competition will also have the opportunity to win raffle items including a golf cart rental at a future show, a custom drawing valued at $175.00 donated by Linda Shaddy and much more. These drawing will occur throughout the week.

Participation in the program is easy:

    • There is no cost to participate in the program.
    • There are three separate divisions for exhibitors: Youth, Amateur and Open.
    • The rider accumulates the points. “The program was started to recognize the riders participating in numerous classes, even if they are riding different horses,” added Levillie.
    • Exhibitor must sign up before any points will count.  Exhibitors are encouraged to sign up early. Retroactive points for classes the rider participates in prior to submitting the program nomination form will not be provided. The High Point Nomination Form is available on the World Show and Celebration website under the Forms tab or just click HERE.
    • Exhibitors should list all possible classes the exhibitor may enter on the sheet.
    • 1 point given for each class entered.
    • Additional points are awarded according to the number of ribbons awarded, 10 ribbons first gets 10 points and 10th place gets 1` point , 6 ribbons awarded , 6 points for first and 1 point for sixth.
    • If an exhibitor decides to enter a class after turning in the high point sign-up sheet, simply fill out an additional high point entry form with the added class. The class will be added to your high point sheet. Forms will also be available at the show entry desk in the Hall of Fame Room located at the MFTHBA World Headquarters.
    • Points will be counted from Sunday Night until Friday night.  Saturday night classes will not count towards the high point award. Awards will be presented Saturday night during the evening session of the show.

Exhibitors with questions regarding this special high point competition should contact Debbi Levillie at 417-276-4532.

Sponsors Pay Entry Fees for All Exhibitors at the 2015 Show and Celebration

2015 WORLD Ivory  Burgundy logo-colorAt the July 14, 2015 Board Meeting, the MFTHBA Board accepted a generous sponsorship from several MFTHBA members that will cover the cost of entries for all exhibitors at the 2015 World Show and Celebration. Earlier in the year, the MFTHBA Board had accepted a sponsorship from Lee and Pat Hackler to cover the youth show entries. Mr. and Mrs. Hackler coordinated an effort to find additional sponsors to cover the entry fees for all amateur and open exhibitors.

Thanks to their generous donation, all exhibitors (youth and adult) will be able to enter classes for only the $3 DQP fee per class. Cattle fees will also apply to the ranch horse classes. No other fees will be charged for entries in performance, versatility and model classes.

Exhibitors are encouraged to pre-enter their horses. Pre-entry will expedite the entry process and reduce wait time for all exhibitors. Entry forms are available on the World Show and Celebration website under Forms.


The MFTHBA thanks the following members for sponsoring the entry fees for all exhibitors at the 2015 World Show and Celebration:

Lee and Pat Hackler

Hyde Ranch—Kent and Jan Hyde

Alford Stables, in memory of MFTHBA Hall of Famer Jo Ann Alford

Larry and Ruth Moore

Therese Murray


2015 Show Entry Frequently Asked Questions

Do all versatility classes need to pay the DQP fee?

As experienced versatility exhibitors know, only certain versatility classes require a DQP check.  Those classes not requiring a DQP check will not need to pay the $3 DQP fee.  Those versatility classes requiring a DQP check are Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, and English Pleasure.  Exhibitors in these classes will be the only versatility exhibitors charged the $3 DQP fee.

Will the $10 horse inspection fee still apply?

Yes. All horses will be charged a $10 inspection fee.  In addition, all horses entering showgrounds must have a negative Coggins test and a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, regardless of state of origin. In addition, The MFTHBA Board of Directors highly encourage all horses to be vaccinated for influenza. Horses must enter through the equine entry gate to have paperwork checked.

Will the lead line class be charged a DQP fee?

The MFTHBA has never charged any fees for lead line classes at any of their shows and this year will be no different.  Those participating in the lead line class will not need to pay the $3 DQP fee.  We hope to see a lot of little ones participating in the lead line class on Sunday, September 6.

Why should I pre-enter my horse?

It is unknown how this incredibly generous donation will impact entries for the 2015 World Show and Celebration; however, we anticipate an increase over the past few years.  An increase may cause increase wait time at the show office to complete entries.  By pre-entering your horse in your selected classes, you will avoid any additional wait.  Those that pre-enter will simply stop by the MFTHBA when you arrive to pick up their entry number(s).  Entry forms are available online on the World Show and Celebration website under the Forms tab.

Donation Covers Youth Entry Fees at the World Show and Celebration

The MFTHBA is happy to announce that there will be no youth entry fees at the 2015 World Show and Celebration. Longtime MFTHBA member and MFTHBYA supporter, Lee Hackler, has offered and the MFTHBA board has accepted a sponsorship donation that will cover all youth entry fees for the 2015 World Show and Celebration. The Celebration will be held September 6-12, 2015 at the MFTHBA World Headquarters in Ava, Missouri. Youth will have the opportunity to enter Age Group classes, such as 11 and under, 12-14, and 15-17 years, as well as youth novice and youth equitation classes.