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Performance, Model Entry Fees to Include Photos

At the July meeting of the MFTHBA Board of Directors, Dale Esther Arena photographer, Marty Maynard, presented a proposal to provide exhibitors pictures at a reduced cost.  The proposal requested adding a $2 photography fee per entry for model and performance classes.  This fee would compensate the photographer.  In return, exhibitors would receive free electronic downloads of all their pictures from competition in the Dale Esther Arena for no additional charge.  Print copies would be available for an additional cost.

In reviewing the proposal, the Board felt this proposal would provide a significant cost reduction to exhibitors.  At the Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity, an electronic download cost $15.

The proposal was specific to photographs taken by Marty Maynard.  She is the official photographer for the Dale Esther Arena and the only photographer authorized by the MFTHBA Board to take pictures of the model and performance competition.

The $2 photographer fee will be added to the entry fee depicted on the entry form.  The additional fee will make performance and model pre-entry preliminary class fees $22.  Versatility pre-entry fees will remain $20.  The early entry deadline is August 30.

After this deadline, performance and model preliminary class fees will be $27.  Versatility regular price entry fees will be $25.  Championship model and performance classes will be $32.  Thanks to a generous sponsor, youth designated class entry fees are covered for all competition areas at the 2017 World Show and Celebration.

Please note that the photographer fee only applies to model and performance competition.  There will be no changes in versatility entry fees.  Photographs in the versatility arena may be purchased directly from Melanie Wynn Photography, the official photographer for the versatility arena.