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2017 Hall of Fame Inductee: Lee Hackler

** Below is the Hall of Fame Induction Speech for Lee Hackler.  Mr. Hackler was inducted into the MFTHBA Hall of Fame on September 9, 2017**


2017 Hall of Fame Inductee: Lee Hackler

When Lee attended his first Celebration, it was still being held at the ball diamonds. On one of those trips he had a chance to see Zane Grey in action. It was in that moment, he told his wife Pat how wonderful it would be to have a horse like that in their backyard.

It would take a number of years before Lee would be in a position to start acquiring horses, but once that occurred, acquire horses he did.

Many joke that at one point or another, Lee has owned most of the horses in the breed.  Out of curiosity, stand if you have owned a horse once owned by Lee Hackler.

Guess it would be possible to add the “Horses formerly owned by Lee Hackler” class to the show bill.

All joking aside, Lee’s impact on the performance Show arena has been significant. Through the years, Lee has owned many fine horses, many World Championships any World Grand Championships. Through his breeding program, he has bred and raised World Champion stock.

A few horses of note include Missouri Chief, Playboy’s Reflection, Jack’s Smooth Operator, Palomino Rose J., A Fancy Floozy, King’s Red Darling, Whup-De-Do, along with countless other champion Fox Trotters.

And of course his current mare Lady Antebellum, which Lee has been overheard to say is one of the most entertaining horses he has had the chance to show.

Lee has also been active in supporting the MFTHBA. As a member of the MFTHBA Board of Directors, Lee was committed to promoting the breed. During his time on the Board, he helped start a show at the Missouri State Fairgrounds along with many other contributions.

In recent years, Lee has supported the youth by providing a sponsorship to cover the $10 entry fee for youth exhibitors. In addition to this support at MFTHBA shows, he has provided similar support at other Missouri Fox Trotting Horse shows. This sponsorship helps make showing more affordable for families.

In recognition of his long term support of the MFTHBA, his success in performance competition, backing of youth exhibitors and upon recommendation of the MFTHBA Board of Directors, we welcome Lee Hackler to the MFTHBA Hall of Fame.