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Fox Trot America Program Grows in 2017

The MFTHBA’s Fox Trot America Program showed continued growth in 2017. Ninety-three horses participated in the Fox Trot America with representation from all MFTHBA regions.  This represents a growth of nearly 23 percent from the previous year.  MFTHBA Region 8 can boast the most horses participating in the program. The largest percentage of growth was seen in regions 3, 4, 7 and 9.

The MFTHBA is excited to announce the 2017 regional Fox Trot America winners.  These horses logged the largest number of hours ridden in their region.  Numbers are based on the logs submitted by the owners.

2017 Regional Winners:

Region 1: Franks Country Anthem owned by Franks Country Dreamers

Region 2: Special Time Cinderella C owned by Constance McManus

Region 3: Signs Of A Goodtime owned by Dana Jordan

Region 4: Indian’s Diamond Girl owned by Belinda Schuman

Region 5: Blue Lady’s Touch of Cloud owned by Stanley Peterson

Region 6: Hammer owned by Carol Mason

Region 7: Missouri Gold Traverler-SS owned by Karen Jackson

Region 8: REM Sleight Of Hand owned by Lynn Maertz

Region 9: TIE Kate’s 007 owned by Cindy Fonken & Eagle’s Rockin’ Granite owned by Lowell Fonken

Region 10: Sensation’s Southern Lady owned by Carol Horne


Regional awards and Fox Trot America participation gifts are still on order.  Awards should be mailed in approximately 8 weeks.


More information on Fox Trot America

Fox Trot America recognizes MFTHBA members and their registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses for hours spent riding.  All hours spent in the saddle may be counted toward the hour total for the horse.  All participating riders and horses receive cumulative hour recognition.  Beginning with the 2014 riding year, the MFTHBA started recognizing the yearly regional winners.  Winning horses received a custom gift to commemorate the achievement.

In addition to the yearly and cumulative awards, owners not receiving a regional award receive a participation gift.  Owners with more than one horse participating will only receive one participation gift.  Additional information as well as sign up forms for the program are available online at https://mfthba.com/programs/fox-trot-america/


Thank you to all the MFTHBA members who participate in the Fox Trot America Program.

Horse Name Owner’s First Name Owner’s Last Name Region
Abilene Marsha Anderson 3
Aladin’s Violetta M.R. Paula Goodrich 1
Allie’s Southern Lightning Debby Gerhardt 8
Bart’s Lucky Sparkle Wesley Lumpkins 8
Bear’s Golden Boy Elaine Kunis 1
Black Jack’s Bright Star Emily Garton 5
Black Jack’s Lady Ace B. Char & Ben Alexander 7
Blizzards Smokie Mist S C Julia Chaney 3
Blue Lady’s Touch of Cloud Stanley Peterson 5
Cam’s Red Lady Carol Kitchen 7
Cardinal’s Red Rooster Sherri Beasley 6
Charming King’s Sassy Girl Colleen Wilson 4
Chief’s Hi Light T Frederick Gerty 10
Cocoa Pebbles Bob Wilson 4
Copper’s Comet Cathy Cumerworth 3
Country’s Sip N Cider WH Colleen Wilson 4
Dakota Cole Calleen Olson 2
Dakota’s Playboy Donna Rich 10
Danney’s Sweet Magnolia Debby Gerhardt 8
Di’s Cherokee Ladybug Amber Wilson 4
Eagle’s Rockin’ Granite Lowell Fonken 9
Elegant Edition Marie Wilson 3
Foxdens Iron Maiden Jean Krauth 2
Franks Country Anthem Frank’s Country Dreamers 1
FRD Pure Luck’s Bay Lady Penny Kelly-Ackerman 2
Friesen’s Noble Gent Elaine Kunis 1
Friesen’s Regal Dude Loyce Krogel 1
Frosty’s Calipso Chantel Williams 2
Gather Me Up Rosemarie Walter 8
Gem’s Smokey Topaz Penny Kelly-Ackerman 2
General Ikes Golden Knight V.S. Robyn Sapp 9
Golden Dream D Stephanie Morrison 2
Gunslingers Jazzy Boy H Julia Chaney 3
Hammer Carol Mason 6
Here Comes Temptation Loyce Krogel 1
Hollywood Edition Colleen Wilson 4
Honey’s Gypsy Rose Kim Nobel 8
Indian’s Diamond Girl Belinda Schuman 4
Jazz’s Shaken Martini Peter Ampe 2
Jv’s Liberty Bell Kristy Boink 2
Kate’s 007 Cindy Fonken 9
Kattie’s Midas Touch Sam Gerhardt 8
Leasurely Travlin’ Missy Elaine Kunis 1
Legendary Playgirl Colleen Wilson 4
LG’s Queens Fontleroy K Beth & Jerry Sims 3
Lucky’s Travelin Charm CTS Arthur Sinclair 10
Lv Max’s Choctaw Warrior Jennifer Andersen 2
Mack’s Country Pride Mary Ellen Warren 1
Mars’ Karma Babe Mary Jane Williamson 1
Midas’s Pretty Pearl W Christine Lininger 2
Miracle’s Rising Star Carole Sharp 7
Missouri Gold Traverler-SS Karen Jackson 7
MO Spark O’Liberty Megan McGarry 8
MO Vegas Show Girl Megan McGarry 8
Money Maker Joes Lady Grace D Donna Rich 10
Moon Glo’s Little Dixie Yvonne Brandt 1
Moon’s Autumn Mist Carole Sharp 4
Play Girl LP Sherry Resecker 9
Playboy After Dark John West 4
Playboy’s Maggie Mae John West 10
R Red Society Belle Leslie Lingle 2
Red Rock’s Scarlet O’Hara Susan Harris 10
Reinbow’s Chief Color Maker Belinda Sands 7
REM Sleight Of Hand Lynn Maertz 8
Rex’s Black Lace B. Char & Ben Alexander 7
Rex’s Touch Of Honey Jean Krauth 2
Rhythm’s Super Star Vicki Rice 10
Rio’s Black Pearl Angela Walton 3
Rising Sun’s Gold Man Tina Taylor 9
Sable And Chocolates Peggy Pendleton 8
Sampson’s Bit -o- Honey Peggy Pendleton 8
Sam’s Prince Charming Cindy Fonken 9
Seal the Deal FRD Penny Kelly-Ackerman 2
Sensation’s Southern Lady Carol Horne 10
Sensation’s Sparkle Pamela Lynn 3
Shabri’s Surprize Perfection Sam/Bob Gerhardt/Willis 8
Shady’s Golden Rex H Laura Trzebiatowski 8
Showboat’s Mizz Scarlet Debra Burgard 6
Signs Of A Goodtime Dana Jordan 3
Smokey Joe’s Diamond Jim Cindy Fonken 9
Special Daisy CC Stanley Peterson 5
Special Time Cinderella C Constance McManus 2
SS & S F-Four Twister Judy Rider 8
Stars Curly Amos Megan McGarry 8
Stormy’s Danse Finale Loyce Krogel 1
Stormy’s Golden Honey Sherry Resecker 9
Sundust Hello Dolly Beth & Jerry Sims 3
Sun-Ray’s Shadow D. Patricia Espinoza 7
Sunrise Mega Bucks Sam Gerhardt 8
Sunrise’s Diamond Sensation Tina Taylor 9
Sunrise’s Golden Sensation Zelda Opoka 3
Sunrises Jamboree Zelda Opoka 3
Sunshine’s Ginger Diamond Mary Hobbs 9

**List is alphabetical by horse’s name