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Information from the Judge Accountability Committee


The MFTHBA is committed to hiring judges with integrity, knowledge, and professionalism.  Being an MFTHBA carded judge is an honor and should be treated as such.  Exhibitors spend time, energy, and money for travel, entry fees, and training to show their horses.  In exchange, they expect to receive an impartial scoring of their horse by qualified judges who know the MFHTBA breed standard and judge according to the percentages outlined in the MFTHBA Rule Book.  A common concern expressed by MFTHBA members is how do we hold our judges accountable.

The Judge Accountability Committee is working on a comprehensive accountability system.  The goal of this program is to provide information to judges to assist in their development as a judge.

One of the tools that the Judge Accountability Committee is using is a mathematical scoring system.  This system allows for an objective evaluation of judge placings at multi-judge shows. Data from the past four years for the Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity, World Show and Celebration; along with the National Breeders Championship have been utilized to establish a baseline evaluation for judges.  The evaluation system provides objective data that can identify patterns of partiality to a particular rider or horse and identify training needs to assist in improving professional development educational opportunities.

Judge Evaluation System

The information below outlines one of the evaluation tools being utilized by the committee.  Future articles will provide information on additional judge evaluation tools being utilized by the committee.

The process is as follows:

  1. Deductions only occur on the high and low judges score.
  2. There has to be two places between the scores to receive a deduction.
  3. Deductions are determined by the number of placings in between the next high or low score (i.e. 2 places = 2 point deduction, 3 places = 3 point deduction, etc).
  4. A left out on the judges scorecard is considered an 11th
  5. If the high or the low have 2 or more of the same placing, no deductions are taken.
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  • Example:  3 wrong out of 7 = 4 correct.   57%
  • You take the number of correct answers divided by the number of placings to get the percentage


Helping Judges Gain Experience and Improve

To assist a judge in improving their score or gaining experience in a multi-judge system, they can become a “Guest Judge” at the Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity or the World Show and Celebration.  Guest judge placings will not impact show results.  Guest judge placings will be used for evaluation purposes only.  Interested judges should contact one of the Accountability Committee members.

For those interested in becoming an MFTHBA carded judge, please watch for upcoming announcements on the MFTHBA website.

Judges or exhibitors with questions regarding this system are encouraged to contact the Judge Accountability Committee.


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Debbie Franklin

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