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January Board Of Directors Workshop

Your MFTHBA Board of Directors conducted their January 2018 workshop on Tuesday, January 09, 2018.  We spent the two and half hours prior to the board meeting discussing our plans for 2018 and the progress made to date.

In a continuing effort to keep the lines communication open with our membership, a full video of the Board Meeting was posted to the member’s only section of the website.  We are still working through some technical problems.  The video quality is not as good as we want and we will continue to work at fixing this issue.

The board would like to remind all members and prospective members of our membership incentive program for 2018.  It includes a free $20 transfer or registration when a new member joins our association.  Our existing members can also earn “in house” credit to use on transfers, registrations, fees or merchandise when they recruit new members to the association.  Your help in maintaining the strength and prosperity of the MFTHBA is an essential part of our recruitment efforts.

Amber Wilson updated the board on her efforts to gather information on our database and computer system upgrade project.  She has contacted other breed associations to find out what systems they are using, what capabilities they have and how it is working for their members.  We will continue to work with our committees and membership to develop a wish list of features that should be included with a new system.

We discussed concerns about our current judge selection process for the Spring and Fall Shows.  While no decision was made to change the current pool system, there was a consensus among the members that a new approach should be considered.

Finally, a preliminary draft of the 2018 budget was presented for consideration.  We are facing increasing maintenance costs for the show grounds that will need to be addressed in the near future.  Discussions on the best way to approach this will be ongoing in order to determine the short and long term needs in this area.

Remember to contact your regional representative if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the board.  Thank you for your ongoing support of the MFTHBA.

Your MFTHBA Board of Directors.