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March 2018 MFTHBA BOD Meeting Highlights

This year we started the special for brand new member members.  To date 27 people have redeemed $540 in New Member gift certificates.  If you know someone that has never been a MFTHBA member, be sure to let them know about the special!!!

We authorized the purchase of 16 new light poles at $100 each.  This was an opportunity to purchase used poles at a heavy discount compared to new ones.  The new poles for the main arena will be 35 feet instead of the current 25 feet in order to address the concerns of the attendees from last year’s Celebration.  Director Eddie Moore was gracious to donate the transportation for the poles to save us costs on that end.  Thanks Eddie!!!

We approved Marty Maynard and Melanie Wynn to be the show photographers again this year.  Like last year, in the performance arena we will be adding a $2 photographer fee which will entitle all exhibitors in those classes to electronically download pictures. Tyler Waterson was approved as the announcer again. The show committee recommended that those people only be hired for the Spring show at this time.

We approved cost share for the Indiana affiliate to attend Hoosier Horse Fair and for a clinic this coming July.  Pat AuBuchon will be the clinician for their clinic.  Thanks Pat!!!

We approved a Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity show schedule.  It should be available soon.

We had a nice discussion about ways to hold judges accountable and will be looking at options for this year to improve the selection process.  Thank you to the committee that provided options to us.  This judges group will also be asked to give us some recommendations on accountability.

We will be utilizing the same HIO penalty protocol for this year (the same as approved in May 2015…It is available on our website at www.mfthba.com/dqp).

Thanks to Stephanie Follett for agreeing to chair the Judges Education Committee.

We may be looking for a new vendor for the cook shack for both shows.  If you know of a vendor that would be interested, please have them contact the MFTHBA office.

We approved two buckle series for the California Fox Trotter Association.  They are hosting two series under this program, one for performance and one for versatility.  The MFTHBA will provide the high point winner of each series a buckle at the end of the year.

We will crown our first Ranch Sorting World Champions at this year’s Fall Show and Celebration, one youth team and one open team.  Stay tuned, more details  to come…

This year will be the 60th Anniversary of our Celebration, we are excited to announce that a special design was made for this anniversary celebration; so look for the merchandise with this emblem to buy as a keepsake.


2018 MFTHBA Committee Assignments Update


The Board of Directors approved the following changes to our standing committees for 2018 at their February meeting.

Grounds Committee:  Danny Starnes (chairman), Mike Owens and Jim Kilburn were added to the committee and Ted Nichols was appointed as the Board Representative.

Affiliate / Membership Committee:  Amy Stangl (chairman), Julie Bellucci, Monica Daugherty, Alan King, Jan Alford, Henry Brewster, Mary Powers, Diane Westholder, and Alexis Zastoupil were added to the committee.  Dennis Bromley was appointed as the Board Representative.

Trail Committee:  Jeff Alcorn (chairman), Floyd Hurst was added as Co-Chair and Steve Assenmacher as secretary.  Other members added include Kate Assenmacher, Bill Brunner, Marsha Brunner, Joe Hamby, Wilma Hamby, Dave Giardina, Toni Giardina, Dale Lawson, Sandy Lawson, Tom Nichols, Carol Sharp, Dick Altenreid, Sandy Altenreid, Sam Gerhardt, Lee Fonken, Cindy Fonken, and Jan McDougald.  Eddie Moore was appointed as Board Representative.

Youth Committee:  Billiejean Thompson (chairman), Melanie Wynn and Mitzi Nichols were added to the committee.  Jennifer West was appointed as Board Representative.

Trainers Committee:  Mike Owens (chairman), James Stone was appointed as Board Representative.

Ethics Committee:  Kerry Hansen (chairman), George Becker was added to the committee.

Show Committee:  Mitzi Nichols (chairman), Willa Danner, Monica Daugherty, Kassidy Landon, Gail Freed, Danielle Anthony, Darrell Martin, Melody Nagel, Danielle Roberts and Rhonda Holifield were added to the show committee.  Beverly Frizzell and Gale Thompson were appointed as Board Representatives.

Historical/Hall of Fame Committee:  Pam Middleton (chairman), Ruth Ellen Massey and Nancy Matlock were added to the historical/hall of fame committee. Amber Wilson was appointed as the Board Representative.

Sponsorship Committee: Susan Stanifer (chairman), Phyllis Burkdoll & Jamie Dry were added to the sponsorship committee. Michelle Hodges was appointed as the Board Representative.

Versatility Committee: Debbie Johnson (chairman), Chastity Young, Jeff Peck & Cathy Lansdown were added to the versatility committee. Ross Harper and Lisa Cantrell were appointed as Board representatives.