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MFTHBA Affiliate Program Updated

As advocates for the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse in their local area, MFTHBA affiliates are an essential part of promoting and growing the breed.  In 2019, the MFTHBA Affiliate Committee undertook investigating ways to update the existing affiliate structure.

Sam Gerhardt, 2019 MFTHBA Affiliate Committee Chairman and newly elected Region 8 Director, led the effort.  He was assisted by the MFTHBA Affiliate Committee which is made up of members from current MFTHBA affiliates.  The new program will provide increased flexibility for smaller affiliates and opportunities for increased benefits for all affiliates.

Affiliates may be established at the local, state or regional level.  To become an affiliate, the group must complete an application form and pay an initial fee.  Each affiliate’s mission must include the promotion of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse and the MFTHBA.  In addition, all affiliate officers must be current MFTHBA members.

One significant change is the requirement for affiliates to pay a minor yearly fee.  Affiliates will need to pay $1 per affiliate member in annual dues.  Dues will be used to support benefits for affiliates such as the Affiliate Cost Share Program, Affiliate Clinic Program and additional benefits provided under the new program.

The new program also creates levels starting with the lowest level, Iron, up to the highest level, Platinum.  A complete description of the program is available HERE.

Affiliates with questions regarding the new program or individuals interested in establishing an affiliate in their area should contact the MFTHBA office at 417-683-2468 or foxtrot@mfthba.com.


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