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MFTHBA “All Around Horse” Virtual Challenge

An MFTHBA member competes in ranch events with her Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.

The Missouri Fox Trotter is known for its comfortable gait, gentle disposition, and versatility.  The breed was developed in the Ozarks to be a truly all-around horse for its family.  Is your Missouri Fox Trotter an “all-around horse?”

With so many of our members under current “stay at home” orders and the growing popularity of the online horse shows, the MFTHBA Membership Committee thought this would be the perfect time to host our own virtual show/challenge to find out which Missouri Fox Trotter is truly an “all-around horse.”  There is no entry fee to participate, and the virtual competition will begin on Monday, April 27th.

The virtual challenge will include four categories:  trail, performance and model, versatility, and pleasure.  Each week a category will be in the spotlight and two “challenges” will be identified.  MFTHBA members are asked to submit a video or picture of their Missouri Fox Trotter completing the challenge to the MFTHBA Facebook page.  The videos and pictures posted could be from past events or pictures/videos you take during that particular challenge week.  Each virtual challenge category week will begin on Monday, with all pictures and videos due by the end of the day the following Sunday.

Each entry combination should be an MFTHBA member in good standing and the horse must be a registered Missouri Fox Trotter. There will be a youth division (17 and under), and there will be an adult division (18 and over). The same horse may be used by different members for each activity or challenge.  Each horse/member combination will earn a point for each activity or challenge they complete correctly. Each combination is not required to do every challenge or activity, as safety should always be of the utmost importance.

At the end of the four weeks, the MFTHBA Membership Committee will tally up the points for each member/horse combination to determine which Missouri Fox Trotter is the “all-around horse” in each category.  If there is a tie, there will be a tie-breaker.  Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each division.

If you aren’t a member yet, you can still join!  Your points will start when your membership starts.  Join today by using this MFTHBA membership form link.  If your horse hasn’t been registered yet, you can still do that, and the MFTHBA is offering a special in the month of April!  You can find forms to register or transfer ownership of your horse by using this link.

While this is a friendly competition, it is more important that you have fun and show off your amazing Missouri Fox Trotting Horse!!!  Thank you for your membership!

Please contact Amy Stangl, MFTHBA Membership Committee Chair, at astangl920@gmail.com with any questions.