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MFTHBA April Board of Directors Highlights

Fall Show and Celebration News!  Our Show Committee, chaired by Mitzi Nichols, has some exciting announcements about our 2018 World Show and Celebration.  One of them is Bob Crafton is going to be our special guest announcer for this year’s big 60th   Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Show & Celebration.  More news will be posted here soon.  Stay tuned.

Agenda items and Committee Reports:  The board discussed the importance of getting the agenda and supporting information out to the members at least a week prior to meeting dates.  Most board members felt that was the minimum time needed to consider any proposals being presented and form an opinion about the topic.   This should allow the BOD members to make decisions that represent the consensus of their regional members.  If you have a topic that you would like discussed at a board meeting, please forward this information to your regional representative at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date so that they can accommodate this schedule.

Quarterly Financial Update:  The financial report indicated first quarter revenues were down by $32,110 compared to the first quarter of last year.  Some of this is due to typical variation from year to year in how early members pay for stall utility charges and box seat leases.  Camper reservations for the spring and fall shows are also running behind last year.  If you have not yet made your reservations please do so.  The reminders went out a couple of weeks ago.

Registry Report:  Our registry report indicated that membership totals were at 3,626 as of March 31, 2018.  This is down by 73 members compared to last year at this time.  We did add 100 new members in the first quarter and this was slightly ahead of new member registrations in 2017.  Registrations and Transfers totaled 305 for the first quarter compared to 368 in 2017.

We will provide another financial and registry update for the news-letter in July that summarizes the June 30, 2018 results.

Judges Selection:  The association will be using the pool selection process for Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity.  Letters should go out this week to all carded judges to express their interest in judging the Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity.  If you are a carded judge, please watch your mailbox.  We have a great committee working on some new procedures to improve accountability.

Horse on the Front Gate:  Many of you have expressed concerns about the fox trotting horse silhouette that is missing from the front gate.  The board is still looking at options for replacing the horse on the gate.  Repairing the old horse is not feasible due to the extensive damage.  We have some board members looking at prices for a metal horse that will us last longer. The issue was tabled until we could get some estimates.  During members address the board, Rose Zella Myers offered to raise money once we had a cost.  Thank you!

Light Poles/ Boom Truck:  The board approved $3500 to install the new light poles.  The goal is to have this accomplished by the spring show.  We have several volunteers working on this project and want to thank them for their donation of time, equipment and expertise.

Review of DQP Hoof Testing Requirement: The board requested clarification from our DQP Coordinator on the requirement to hoof test every horse during the DQP inspection process.

Arena Gravel:  The board approved $2500 for 10 additional loads of gravel for the arena.  Clifton Matlock made a donation to support this effort and challenged other members to do the same.  Anyone that wants to join in with Clifton, please contact the MFTHBA office.  Thank you Clifton, we appreciate your support.

WDAA Sponsorship Breed Award:  The board approved a $100 sponsorship for the MFT High Point Award at the Western Dressage Association of America World Show.

Rescue Horses:  Cathy Lansdown, will be posting information about what is needed by the office staff to assist in researching an issuing registration papers.

MFTHBA Website:  The board discussed the concerns of several members about making the website easier to navigate.  Cathy is going to work with our Web Host to see what improvements can be made to make the process easier.  If you have any suggestions, please let her know.

Office Building Roof and Porch Poles:  Bids for replacing the roof on the office building were presented to the board.  They accepted the bid from Heritage Contract and Roofing.  Total cost to the association will be a little over $15,000. The board also approved funding for the Grounds Committee to replace the support poles on the front porch of the office.  Danny Starnes and Mike Owens volunteered to work on this project.  Thank you.

Celebration Show Schedule:  The board discussed the proposed schedule tonight.  There were a few suggestions on scheduling and wording edits.  The performance schedule will be integrated with the versatility schedule and the final draft will be completed and presented for approval very soon.  The board would like to thank the show committee and versatility committee for their hard work on this project.

Historical Committee:  Thanks to Linda Shaddy, Janet Cunningham and Therese Murray for volunteering to join the historical committee.

Breeders Committee Chairman:  Julie Alford was approved as the Breeders Committee chairman.  Thanks Julie.

Office Staff Update:  Krissy Gasek has submitted her resignation.  Krissy handled our office accounting duties, served as our Judges Administrator and provided valuable support to Cathy and Tammy.  We wish her luck in the future and appreciate everything she has done for our association.  Jeff Shields, Secretary Treasurer, along with Cathy and Tammy are working on recommendations for handling those duties in the future.