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MFTHBA August Board Meeting Highlights

The Treasurer’s Report highlighted our June 30, 2018 results to date and compared those to last year.  We are running behind last year in net revenues.  Large expenses for the office roof replacement and show grounds repair and maintenance are the main reasons.  Board members were reminded that any supplemental information, including association credit card statements, bank statements and a summary report from our Pay Pal account can be obtained by contacting Cathy.  The full Treasurer’s Report will be published with the August board minutes after they are approved at the September meeting.  Members can access the financial statements on the members-only section of our website.

Jeff Shields recommended, and the board approved, that we engage the MFTHBA accountant, Compere & Robinette, to provide additional accounting services to the association.  Our in-house bookkeeper resigned in March and we are down to two full-time staff members.  This extra assistance from the accountant will help fill that gap and provide a quarterly review of our books and a formal board report from the accounting firm.

The problems with the speaker system on the showgrounds were discussed.  Funding for repairs to the system was approved by the board and the work should be done in time for the Show and Celebration.

Scheduling for the arena preparation was discussed.  It was decided to close the main performance arena each day at 3:00 pm to allow time for show preparations.  The only exception to this will be Friday when it will close at 2:00 pm for the Dog Show.  Please make your practice plans accordingly.

We approved two new DQPs.  They are Scott O’Dell and Tayler Cain.

The board approved the next step in updating the Association’s Registration and Show Management Database.  We will begin the process of soliciting bids for this project.

Upon the recommendation from the Hall of Fame Committee, the board approved new inductees to the MFTHBA Hall of Fame.  They are LD Dampier, Richard Danner, Terry Thomas, Mark Mackie, & Duane Scott, they will be honored at this year’s Fall Show and Celebration.

Work on the new arena lights is ongoing and should be complete in time for the fall show.

Our Judge’s Committee has been hard at work to improve our judge’s education and training process.  A clinic will be held this fall on October 27th and 28th.  A big thanks go out all of the trainers and judge’s committee members that are working on this project.

The show committee has worked hard to make this 60th Anniversary Jubilee Show & Celebration a special event.  Thanks to all of those hard-working members.

The membership committee has planned the dinner on Saturday and additional events that include a dog show, poker run, karaoke, a new exhibitor meeting. Along with the annual membership drive and many more things.

The board would like to remind all exhibitors and trainers of the rule on page 80 of the association’s rule book.  It states that “chains, rollers, and /or tail sets will not be allowed at MFTHBA approved show”.  This rule will be enforced.

DQPs will be walking around at the Celebration to randomly inspect horses.