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MFTHBA Medal Program Celebrates Versatility of the Breed, Recognizes Accomplishments

It has been said that the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse is the most versatile gaited horse and we are out to prove it.  The MFTHBA Medal program, set to launch in January 2021, will provide Missouri Fox Trotting Horse owners an opportunity to earn lifetime accomplishment medals in 16 distinct categories.  Horses that excel in multiple areas will be award All-Around and Supreme All-Around titles.

There will be two lifetime award levels under each category.  The Silver Medal level is intended to recognize a minimum level of accomplishment within a category.  This level is similar to the “register of merit” program offered by other breed associations.  The Gold Medal level is intended to recognize significant accomplishment and experience within a category.

For Missouri Fox Trotting Horses that reach the silver level in 50 percent of the available categories, a special All-Around recognition will be bestowed.  For horses that reach silver level in 75 percent of the categories, the ultimate Supreme All-Around award will be issued.

Upon its launch in January 2021, Missouri Fox Trotting Horses and Ponies will be able to earn recognition in the following 16 categories:

  1. Pleasure Horse (includes all types of pleasure classes including English, western, country, etc.)
  2. Pleasure Driving
  3. Hunter/Jumper (includes classes over fences, and jumper classes)
  4. Model
  5. Performance
  6. Working Horse (reining and trail classes)
  7. Ranch Horse (includes cutting, roping, working cow horse, ranch horse pleasure, ranch horse conformation, Team Penning, Ranch Sorting, and other ranch horse competitions)
  8. Timed Events (barrels, Gymkhana)
  9. Competitive Trail
  10. Endurance
  11. Dressage
  12. Trail Obstacle
  13. Trail Riding
  14. Sport Competition (Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Mounted Archery, Jousting, etc.)
  15. Ambassador (this category includes events that are not judged, verified or otherwise placed. Events in this category provide visibility and promotion for our breed.  Events in this category include the participation in parades, equine expo demonstrations, mounted search and rescue, field trial events, foxhunting, drill teams, Fox Trot America and other similar events)
  16. Breeding: (award listing will read Silver-Sire or Silver-Dam)
    1. Sire
    2. Dam