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MFTHBA Releases Prototype of New Registration Papers

Changes are coming to the MFTHBA certificate of registration, commonly referred to as registration papers.  “As our members are aware, the MFTHBA has started the process of updating our registry and membership databases,” shared MFTHBA President, Mark Mackie.  “While the primary focus of this update is to ensure the security of our information, it also provides us an opportunity to address suggestions we have received over the years and to add new programs to benefit our members.”

With the implementation of a new system, it became an ideal time to update and improve the information available on the registration papers.  A team of MFTHBA members, board members, and office personnel began meeting in November to discuss what improvements could be made.  “The team reviewed registration papers from numerous organizations and evaluated feedback the office consistently receives from individuals registering or transferring horses,” added Mr. Mackie.

The new MFTHBA registration papers will provide additional information to assist owners in documenting information on the horse. It should be noted that these are initial prototypes. The final versions may be slightly different.

The general format has been approved by the MFTHBA Board of Directors and has been submitted to the database development company.  While the final version may appear different once it is incorporated into the database structure, the components of the final version should be maintained.

A few things members will notice right away when looking at the prototype is that the papers are moving from a landscape format to portrait.  “The change in the formatting allows the MFTHBA to include additional information,” added Mr. Mackie.  “We spent a long time talking about the advantages and disadvantages but in the end felt that the added information would provide value that would benefit our members.”

Another significant change is the inclusion of the current owner on the front of the papers.  “This is the most common concern we receive from individuals when they transfer papers,” shared MFTHBA Registry Manager, Cathy Lansdown.  “The office receives multiple calls a week concerned that the original owner’s name is still listed on the front of the papers.”  In reviewing papers from other breeds, the team found that it is common for the current owner’s name to be updated after a transfer.  This change will result in new papers being issued with each transfer.  While this change could result in increase costs, other changes will offset the expense resulting in what is hoped to be little to no increase in the cost to the association.

“Currently we buy unique paper for each of the six types of papers we issue,” shared Ms. Lansdown.  The new papers will feature a border indicating the color of the papers allowing the MFTHBA to purchase one type of paper for the three MFTHBA papers (brown, blue, and gold) and three MFTPR papers (yellow, red and green).  This change will allow the MFTHBA to buy quality paper in bulk and make the registration process more efficient.

In addition to the name of the current owner, other items added to the front of the papers include:

  • State/Country Foaled: This section will indicate the location the horse was born versus the address of the breeder.
  • Remarks: This section will be used to incorporate color and genetic test results (which are optional), enrollment information in MFTHBA programs (such as Fox Trot America), and additional identification information including brand and microchip data.

The reverse side of the registration papers is also getting an update.  Members will still find photos of the horse.  Photos are required for spotted Missouri Fox Trotting Horses and Ponies and are optional for all other horses registered.

A new addition is a place to record the awards earned by the horse or pony.  Award recognition in this section will include:

  • Hall of Fame (designated as HOF)
  • World Grand Champions (designated as WGC)
  • Reserve World Grand Champion (designated as RWGC)
  • Stallion of the Year, Breeding Sire, Trail Horse of the Year
  • MFTHBA Medal (initial announcement HERE, more information on this program will be announced throughout the summer)

In addition, the papers include a section for the accomplishments of the horse’s ancestors.  Because this section has more restricted space it will be restricted to HOF, WGC, RWGC, and Medal awards.

Members are reminded that the final version may look slightly different than the initial prototype and that the exact date of implementation of the new registration papers has not been determined.  “We are still working through the process of updating the database,” added Mr. Mackie.  “Our primary focus is the preservation of our historical data.  Once we are confident that all information has transferred accurately we will then start the process of implementing the new features.”

More information will be shared regarding the inclusion of the awards and the process that will be used to transition to the new registration papers as the MFTHBA gets closer complete database implementation.

Certificate of Registration Prototype