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New Award Program Coming MFTHBA in 2021

Missouri Fox Trotting Horse and Pony owners will have a new way to document the success of their horses thanks to a new program approved by the MFTHBA Board of Directors.

The program is made possible by the database update currently underway within the MFTHBA.  “The MFTHBA Board of Directors has talked for several years about the value a program like this could bring to the association; however, we were hampered by the limitation of the current database system,” share Mark Mackie, MFTHBA President.  The database system currently being implemented will allow for accomplishments to be tied to the individual horse record and for this information to be documented on the individual horse registration papers.

The goal of the MFTHBA Medal Program is to recognize the achievements of MFTHBA and MFTPR registered horses and provide future owners documentation of the horse’s experience increasing the potential value of the horse.

The program will strive to provide a diverse set of categories to recognize the accomplishments of Missouri Fox Trotting Horses and Ponies.  The initial list of available categories will include 16 areas.

Horses will be able to enroll in the program later this fall; however, the official launch of the program will not occur until January 2021.  Additional details about the program will be shared in the coming months.