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New Stallion Breeding Report Available

At the October Board Meeting, the MFTHBA Board of Directors approved a change to the rules for the stallion breeding report.  The change goes into effect on January 1 making it applicable to the 2021 Stallion Breeder Reports which are due January 15.

The approved change allows stallion owners to authorize the MFTHBA to register a resulting foal without the normally required stallion owner signature.  This is optional and at the discretion of the stallion owner.  Stallion owners will need to individually initial which mares are authorized for this option.

“The change streamlines the paperwork processes for the stallion owner and mare owner,” shared MFTHBA President, Mark Mackie.

If the stallion owner releases the foal for registration, the mare owner may complete the certificate of registration or complete the registration application online to register the foal.

In cases where registration is not released, the same process used today will be required.  This includes receiving an Application for Registration from the stallion owner with the required signature.

The new form is now available on the MFTHBA website for stallion owners to download for use when submitting their 2021 Report.  Click here to visit the Registry Forms page.