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Fox Trot America Program

You Ride. We Recognize.

Few things in life are better than being rewarded for doing something you love; that’s what the Fox Trot America program is all about. For youth or adult, the Fox Trot America Award Program recognizes the personal achievements and benefits of equine activities outside of traditional competitions. Whether your activities include pleasure trail riding, parades, ranch work, natural horsemanship, training, pleasure riding, pleasure driving or any other riding activity you enjoy with your Missouri Fox Trotter, each hour will count toward your lifetime achievement record and enable you to receive recognition and awards from the MFTHBA.

Key components of the program include:

  • One time nomination fee of $30 as long as MFTHBA membership is maintained and an hour log is submitted yearly, even if you sell the nominated horse.  As long as the new owner maintains their membership and submits an hour log, no new nomination is needed.
  • Hours are part of the horse’s permanent record maintained at the registry office
  • Recognition for cumulative hours ridden plus recognition of yearly hour winner in each MFTHBA region
  • Starting in 2014, participants may also submit mileage with their annual logs.  Mileage will be recorded in the horse’s permanent record but will not be used for awards.

More information about upcoming rides and forms go to Fox Trot America Forms and Downloads



What kind of riding actually counts? Trail? Arena? Personal property?

The Fox Trot America program was formed to recognize the time spent riding a registered Missouri Fox Trotting.  Hours count within the program regardless of the type of riding that is being done.  So saddle up and ride your Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.  Whether you are riding in an arena, on a trail, around a pasture, or down a road, it all counts toward Fox Trot America awards.

Do I have to enroll each individual horse?

Yes.  The enrollment goes with the horse.  Each horse will need to be enrolled and a lifetime nomination fee paid.  As long as the owner maintains MFTHBA membership and a yearly Fox Trot America log is submitted by January 31, no further Fox Trot America nomination is needed for the enrolled horse.

Do I have to enroll each horse each year?

No, enrollment in the Fox Trot America is a lifetime nomination.  As long as the owner maintains MFTHBA membership and a yearly Fox Trot America log is submitted by January 31, no further Fox Trot America nomination is needed for the enrolled horse.

Does the horse have to be a registered MFT?

To be enrolled in the program, the horse or pony must be registered with the MFTHBA.  In addition, the owner of the horse must be a current MFTHBA member.

What are the rewards or recognition?

Gift Awards and patches will be given upon completion of 100, 250, 500, 750 and 1000 hours of riding, driving or other equine activity. Each 500-hour plateau thereafter you will be given the opportunity to purchase jackets and custom designed Montana Silversmiths’ silver buckles at special reduced prices.

Horses and owners may also receive recognition in MFTHBA print and electronic media such as the Show and Celebration and MFTHBA.com.

In addition, yearly top finishers from each MFTHBA Region will receive a gift.

Does it matter who rides the horse? Does the rider have to be a member of the MFTHBA for hours to count?

It does not matter who rides the horse.  The hours ridden are cumulative with the horse not the rider.  For the hours to count toward Fox Trot America awards, the horse must be enrolled (horses ridden prior to enrollment do not count) and the owner must be a MFTHBA member in good standing.  The membership status of the rider does not impact the hour accumulation for the horse as long as the other criteria is met.

Do the hours transfer with the horse if it’s sold to a new owner?

Hours for Fox Trot America enrolled horses stay with the horse even if the horse is sold.  There is no need to re-enroll the horse in the program as long as the new owner transfers ownership, maintains MFTHBA membership and continues to submit yearly on-time hour logs.  Failure to maintain membership and/or submit a yearly hour log will result in the horse needing to be re-enrolled in the program however the previous hours will not be lost as they are part of the horse’s permanent MFTHBA record.