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Question and Answer Series: MFTHBA Rules Committee

With four months complete in 2015, we thought it was a perfect time to sit down with various MFTHBA committees and personnel to discuss what they are working on. In this Question & Answer article, we talked with Charleen Ostrom, MFTHBA Rule Committee Chairman. Be sure to check back throughout the month of May for more Q&A sessions.


The Rules Committee recently released a feedback form soliciting ideas and suggestions for updating the MFTHBA Rule Book.   Tell us a little about the form and how the information received is used by the committee.

Ms. Ostrom: “There have been a few people who have taken full advantage of the Rule Book Form that is on line to give us suggestions on how some rules need to be changed, omitted or updated.  The process goes as follows: Step I. A member fills out the form with as much information as possible.  They can choose to be anonymous or give us their name and contact information.  We sometimes have questions about what the member is trying to convey so if you can, contact information is helpful.  We do respect people’s privacy and we will keep names and contact information to ourselves if requested.  The forms will be a record for the next committee to work from.  Upon request we can delete names and contact information.  Some folks have chosen social media to make suggestions and some have chosen the phone.  Step II.   We look at the rule and the information the member has submitted.  We discuss the pros and cons. Sometimes we need more information and someone volunteers to do some research.  We discuss the research and if we feel the change or addition has merit, we agree on language and send it to the BOD.”

Editor’s Note: You can access the Rule Change Suggestion Form at http://mfthba.com/surveys/rule-book-survey/


What is the process for making changes to the rules?  Will proposals submitted by the committee be implemented right away?
Ms. Ostrom: “Some changes are easy and just make good sense, but the process is the same.  If approved by the BOD the “Rule” is published for the membership.  The membership can discuss it with their Director, then the “Rule” goes back to the BOD and they approve it or not.  If approved, it goes into effect the following January 1st.  If the rule is a legal or a safety issue it goes into effect immediately.”


How can members get engaged in the process to update the MFTHBA Rules?

Ms. Ostrom: “This Rule Book Committee is an excellent team.  Please use the form or contact one of us about your rule concern.  It may be something little but those little things can really blow up in our faces sometimes.”

For more information on the MFTHBA Rules Committee, contact the Ms. Ostrom at (517-541-1282 or paladinfarmfoxtrotters@gmail.com.


Meet Charleen Ostrom: A past MFTHBA Board Director, Ms. Ostrom lives in Charlotte, Michigan where she enjoys trail riding her Missouri Fox Trotting Horse and participating in the Michigan Foxtrotting Horse Association. This is her first year as Rules Committee Chairman.