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Dear MFTHBA Member




You are one of several thousand members enjoying our remarkable horses, and whether you

are a long-time member, new to the breed, or somewhere in between, Welcome!

This is an exciting time in our Association as we are advancing the scope of our member

representation to include ten geographic regions to serve the interests of the MFTHBA

membership both here on the North American Continent and Overseas. Our Affiliates play

an important role in the enjoyment and promotion of our Missouri Fox Trotters, and the

addition of region support will be beneficial to the continued growth of our breed.

You can log on to the MFTHBA website at


to find up-to-date news and

information about programs and member services, plus accessing articles from The Journal

online for information from the Association magazine. And, if we can be of assistance in any

way, contact us at any of the e-mail addresses or phone numbers listed in this handbook.

Your commitment to the Missouri Fox Trotting horse, its welfare, promotion and exhibition,

will be rewarded by the pride and enjoyment you receive in working with these horses.

Whatever your passion, whether it is breeding, the show ring, trail, competition or pleasure

riding, the Missouri Fox Trotter will provide a versatile, willing partner and will do it with

style. Proclaim your preference for the breed with a MFTHBA window decal!

Thank you for joining with others who appreciate the special qualities of this great breed. As

we enter our 69


year as an association, it is time to renew our efforts to gain for these horses

the recognition they so richly deserve. Support your local affiliates, participate in the local,

state and regional shows, demonstrations and trail rides, and plan to come to Ava for the

Spring Show in June or the Celebration held in September.


Board of Directors

Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association

Highway 5 – Ava, Missouri 65608

(417) 683-2468 – Fax (417) 683-6144 – e-mail: