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Southern Classic Becomes MFTHBA Partner Event

The MFTHBA is pleased to announce their partnership with the Southern Classic horse show.  As a MFTHBA Partner Event, the MFTHBA and Southern Classic will work together to promote each other and the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.

“The MFTHBA Partner Event program was approved in 2014,” shared Shelly Robbins, MFTHBA Promotions Committee Chair.  “The program is designed as a marketing partnership to help support larger events that incorporate the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.”

To be eligible for the program, the event must promote the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse in a positive manner, promote the improvement, use, exhibition and enjoyment of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, and must have attendance from 3 or more states.  For events that are a show, there are additional criteria.  The show must utilize MFTHBA carded judges, must require horses showing in Missouri Fox Trotting Horse classes to be registered with the MFTHBA and must have rules similar in nature to the MFTHBA.

The goal of the partnership is to provide marketing assistance to both organizations. “The MFTHBA wants to support events that are incorporating Missouri Fox Trotters,” shared Aaron Stanifer, MFTHBA President.  “These types of events are an important part of our breed.  It is our hope through this type of partnership that we can assist the Southern Classic in growing its event.”

While the program has been around for some time, the Southern Classic is the first to partner with the MFTHBA.  “We are sincerely excited about partnering with the MFTHBA and the new possibilities for our show because of the Event Marketing Partnership,” shared Beverly Frizzell, Southern Classic President and MFTHBA Region 9 Director.  “It should prove to be a win/win situation for the Association and the Southern Classic Horse Show that will be in July.  The MFTHBA will promote our show and, in turn, we will promote the two shows at Ava in June and September.  No money is exchanged, but rather a relationship is developed where both groups help each other promote the breed and our events, as well as the membership.  We are looking forward to forming a strong partnership that benefits everyone involved.”

“Similar to our organization partner program, we feel that partnering with events that include the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse is a great way to help support our membership and promote our breed,” added Ms. Robbins.


More About the MFTHBA Partner Event Program:


The MFTHBA Partner Event Program was approved in 2014 to support and promote events that feature the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse. Through the program, the MFTHBA partners with organizations and associations holding Missouri Fox Trotting Horse events or competitions that do not meet our traditional MFTHBA affiliate model.  For more information on the program, contact the MFTHBA Promotions Committee at newsletter@mfthba.com.