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Sportsmanship Award Nominees Announced, Voting Open

Good sportsmanship is part of the tradition of equine events.  Whether it is following rules and playing fair at a horses show, lending a hand to a fellow trail rider, or treating fellow equestrians with respect and courtesy, MFTHBA members exhibit good sportsmanship on a daily basis.  The MFTHBA Sportsmanship Award was designed to recognize MFTHBA members who exemplify the principles of good sportsmanship and consistently put them into practice.

MFTHBA members nominated two members for this year’s award:

Pat AuBuchon

It is probably rare for an “open” rider to be nominated for the Sportsmanship Award, but I can think of no better worthy candidate than Mr. Pat AuBuchon.  Pat has never trained a horse for me, but I can say that he is one of the reasons I remain in this breed.  His positive, encouraging attitude is infectious.  I can’t even count the times he has provided words of encouragement before and after I have entered the show arena.  He is always willing to help new riders.  Pat is instrumental in continuing to promote this breed within the St. Louis area and has spent days away from home conducting clinics for other affiliates.  It is people like Pat and his wife Cheryl that make this breed special.  As we look to honor someone that promotes fairness, respect for one’s opponent and is gracious in winning or losing, I nominate Mr. Pat AuBuchon.


Dallee Porter

Over the last couple of years Dallee has been a great help at the MFTHBA shows. She has pitched in to help when other volunteers didn’t show up for their shifts, she’s assisted many youth riders by helping them figure out the ins and outs of horse showing, she cheers them on and shares what she’s learned growing up in the MFTHBA. She is always willing to carry a flag for opening ceremonies but more importantly she was thrilled to make arrangements so that youth riders could get a turn for the first time. Dallee also demonstrates great respect for the flag ceremony and takes pride in helping others learn what to do and how to do it. During the shows she can often be seen helping someone else get their horse ready, put on their makeup or loaning out show clothes or youth delegate dresses.

It’s nice to see a young lady giving back to others on the show grounds.


The MFTHBA congratulates these two members on their nomination for the 2019 Matthew Keeter Sportsmanship Award.  Members may log into the Members Only Section (https://mfthba.com/members/) to cast their votes.  Voting will remain open until midnight on Friday, April 3rd.

Beginning next week, the MFTHBA will begin announcing the winners of the various membership awards.  We will begin by counting down the MFTHBA Top 5 Breeding Sires with the announcement of the 2019 Breeding Sire of the Year on Friday, March 27th.  Check the website daily for a new announcement.