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Sportsmanship Nominations Due February 22

It is time to nominate the 2020 Matthew Keeter Sportsmanship Award Winner.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines sportsmanship as “conduct (as  fairness, respect for one’s opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing)  becoming to one participating in a sport.” Do you know a member of the  MFTHBA who demonstrates true sportsmanship? 

The MFTHBA would like to honor and recognize a true sportsman in our breed by honoring them with the Matthew Keeter Sportsmanship Award. Nominate a  member who demonstrates true sportsmanship by telling us in 200 words or less how this person demonstrates true sportsmanship in the ring, trail, etc.

Nomination letters should be emailed to Amy Stangl, Membership Committee  Chair, by February 22, at astangl920@gmail.com. Nomination letters will be posted on the MFTHBA website and voting will take place online. 

Each MFTHBA member will have one vote for each award.

Recent Award Winners:

2012: Paula Crump

2013: Ralph Smith

2014: Mark Holifield

2015: Darrell Martin

2016: Susan Engle

2017: Chastity Young

2018: Hope Kohout

2019: Pat AuBuchon