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Ranch Sorting Clinic and Jackpot Schedule Announced

Note:  ALL horses entering the show grounds MUST have a current negative Coggins (EIA) test AND a Certificate of Veterinary Inspections within 30 days regardless of state of origin. These papers must be presented at the show grounds gate.  Each horse will be charged a $10 gate entry fee. Horse fee is a onetime fee for the week.

Participants will also be responsible for paying gate admission fee or purchasing a weekly pass.



Cornerstone Productions will be conducting another ranch sorting clinic. This one will be held during the 2017 Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity.

Wednesday June 7, 10 a.m., Versatility Arena

Thursday June 8, 10 a.m., Versatility Arena

**Free for MFTHBA members, non-members $40 includes membership.  Please register with the MFTHBA office. Attend one or both days.


Friday June 9, 10 a.m., Versatility Arena

**Register at the Versatility Arena day of event.  Rules set by Cornerstone Productions. Horses must be registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses.  Show registration papers as proof.  $10 per entry.  No Checks.



Productions by: Cornerstone Arena and Campground, LLC, Rt 72 Box 2377-1 Alton, MO  65606 417-331-4105 or 417-270-2722

Stock contractors:  Jeff Holman and Phillip Kimbrough



ENTRY FEES:   $10 per entry


  • 14 and under (boys and girls)
  • 40 and over men and women
  • OPEN CLASS all age riders


  1. Teams will consist of 2 persons on horseback and must remain horseback for duration of run.
  2. All runs will be progressive
  3. Time will start when number is called for cattle and time will stop when nose of last cow crosses start line.
  4. 90 seconds to complete run.
  5. Cattle must come thru gate in order and NO returns
  6. Cattle cannot break plain of gate.
  7. One qualifying time of 90 seconds or less will go to short go.
  8. 50% pay back. Will pay one hole for every 5 teams up to 10 holes.
  9. Five to Seven head of cattle will be used.
  10. Name called for a 3rd time for start will result in disqualification.
  11. At no time can any contestant touch or show aggression to livestock with tack, clothing etc.
  12. No limit on entries. May enter with one person no more than once.
  13. ENTRY FEES: No checks accepted
  14. No contestant will be allowed to participate under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  15. Judges decision will be final.