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Volunteer Sought to Help with National Committees

Are you interested in getting more involved with the MFTHBA?  While many chairmen have indicated their interest in returning, the MFTHBA is in the process of seeking members to serve in a few vacant chairman positions.  In addition, the MFTHBA is seeking individuals interested in serving as committee members.  If you have an interest in serving, please submit your name, membership number, and area of interest to the MFTHBA office at foxtrot@mfthba.com.

The MFTHBA Board of Directors will be discussing committees and appointing chairman at the Board Workshop held in early November.  Once the chairman is appointed, these individuals will build their committees for the coming year.  Chairman will present a list of committee members to the MFTHBA Board for approval.

To learn more about the MFTHBA National Committees, visit the committee page by clicking HERE.  This page includes the mission for each committee and lists the 2020 chairman.