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Voting Open for 2017 Trainer of the Year and Sportsmanship Award

The MFTHBA congratulates the following members on their nomination for these awards.  Members may log into the Members Only Section (https://mfthba.com/members/) to cast their votes.  Voting will remain open to until April 26.

Trainer of the Year Nominees

The Trainer of the Year award was designed to recognize the achievements of professional horsemen and women involved in the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse breed.  The following trainers were nominated for the 2017 award:

David Ogle

2017 was again a great year for David Ogle and the horses he trains.  Numerous horses from his barn had a fantastic year in the show ring including The Ava Tradition who carried garlands at the National Breeders Championship, the World Show and Celebration and many other shows, Legendary Romance who took a novice rider to a Reserve World Grand Championship, and many other clients who had successful years in the show ring.  In addition to a successful year helping amateur riders, David has excelled as an exhibitor winning the Men’s 4 Year Old World Grand Championship on King’s Creole Queen.

David not only supports the “major” shows, but he continues to support local shows by taking his clients to various Saturday night shows throughout the show season.  This support by a professional trainer is important to the success of our smaller shows and helps expand interest in our breed.

David’s attention to detail and his professionalism have allowed him to continue his success this past year.  All you have to do is walk into his barn to tell that he has a passion for his job and that his clients appreciate his dedication to their horses.

Brian Oglesby

I would like to nominate Brian Oglesby for Trainer of the Year. Brian has trained for my family for many years. Normally, Brian breaks my horses to ride, then I do the finishing touches at home. However this past year, due to work and other conflicts, Brian trained my mare most of the summer. He took the time to not only train my mare but he trained me. I would go up several times a week to ride & every time I would learn something new about my horse or myself. He was always making sure I could handle her in different situations. He also was willing to help me with my aged mare even though he was not training her. He always offered me some friendly advice or a little encouragement telling me “keep doing what you are doing!” Because of him, I felt more confident in the show ring. If you ask him, he will say he is not deserving of this honor, in my eyes, he most certainly is. His constant support, guidance, and generosity made it possible for me to have one of the best show seasons. Please vote for Brian for Trainer of the Year.

We would like to nominate Brian Oglesby for Trainer of the Year.  He’s unfailingly kind, generous, and patient with horses and riders alike.  Brian has always worked hard for the betterment of the breed and the Association. We couldn’t ask for a better trainer.

Jennifer Vaught

Jennifer Vaught has been showing Missouri Fox Trotters in Versatility and Ranch horse classes since 2007.  She has been a professional trainer in all breeds starting at the early age of eleven years.  In the late 90’s many of her new customers started their horse dreams with Missouri Fox Trotters.  In 2007, a customer was determined that Jennifer would show her fox trotter at the Celebration.  Every year since 2007, Jennifer has both shown customer horses and coached her customers in the art of versatility and “cows”.  She has won High Point at the Spring Shows and Celebration World Grand Championships in both events over the past many years.  Her customers, daughters, and spouse are winning High Point and World Champion titles in their divisions also.

Jennifer cares deeply for her customers and the horses. Both horses and humans receive the ultimate in horsemanship training and care.  The Versatility and Ranch Horse competitors year after year deeply respect Jennifer’s talents, sportsmanship and her amazingly talented Missouri Fox Trotter horses.

Jenny also exhibited Fox Trotters in the 2014 and 2015 Kansas Equifest.  She rode the Fox Trotters bridleless and performed spins, slides and flying lead changes.

Jennifer and her family recently moved to Grant, Florida and continue to train and develop Missouri Fox Trotters.


Sportsmanship Award

Good sportsmanship is part of the tradition of equine events.  Whether it is following rules and playing fair at a horses show, lending a hand to a fellow trail rider, or treating fellow equestrians with respect and courtesy, MFTHBA members exhibit good sportsmanship on a daily basis.  The MFTHBA Sportsmanship Award was designed to recognize MFTHBA members who exemplify the principles of good sportsmanship and consistently put them into practice.

MFTHBA members nominated two members for this year’s award:

Chastity Young

One cannot attend a local show or a show at Ava without seeing Chas’s big smile and hearing her encouraging words.  She is always willing to help her fellow competitors, whether it is offering tips or equipment in order to compete.  Chas is also the first person to welcome someone who is new to the breed or the show ring to the world of Missouri Fox Trotters.

This past year she helped organize the showcase of the Versatility World Grand Championships in the front arena during the World Show and Celebration.  It was important to her that all competitors be acknowledged for their high achievements.

This is why Chastity Young should be the MFTHBA Sportsmanship Award winner.

Alexis Zastoupil

Alexis enjoys the Missouri Fox Trotters in numerous events. During these events she encourages others, offers assistance, and shares equipment, even a horse or knowledge frequently.

Alexis shows in versatility, model, and performance and in her light-hearted way she often shares helpful words of cheer to fellow exhibitors. Her approach to tense situations brings comfort to others and a grin will surely follow.

She willingly helps others with their horses at any venue. If it is help with obstacles, roping, or going on a trail ride, she offers uplifting words when others need them most! With a dose of humor, she generally lightens the stress others express with just a different view suggested.

She takes her Fox Trotters to events dominated by other breeds representing the MFTHBA with the same encouraging words of kindness and while introducing the MFT to others at the same time. One can hear her shouts across the arena in several states! Alexis truly demonstrates sportsmanship in all she does.