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Welcome March New MFTHBA Members

The MFTHBA would like to welcome the following new members.


First Name Last Name Region
Mary  Spealman 1
David Asher 3
Debra Benham 8
Robert Buckley 4
Jammie Dinwiddie 6
Lavelle Ellis 4
George Gamble 2
Brez Gayland 1
Tammy George 4
David George 4
Emilee Gettle 6
Bill Halvorson 2
Sharon Halvorson 2
Jacob Hochman 10
Indy Hyde 10
Cyrus Anthony Jestice 9
Connie Launius 5
Aryn Malone 8
Rick McCord 7
Donna McGill 1
Mary A Miller 2
Amy Miller 5
Emma Miller 5
Robin Moutte 1
Jeni Muszynski 8
Mike Muszynski 8
Dolores Parkhurst 5
Rebecca Potter 1
Sharon Sampson 8
Melinda Sawyer 10
Timothy Sawyer 10
Deborah Starkey 8
Tina Stillwell 4
Malou Thomas 6
Kory Wamsley 2
Cheryl Welty 9
Marcia Williams 10



More about the MFTHBA’s New Member Special:


Brand new MFTHBA members will get something a little extra from the MFTHBA when they join in 2018.  Starting on January 1, any new member that joins before December 1, 2018 will receive a free foal registration or transfer (valued at $20).  New members may submit the free registration or transfer with their membership form to receive the benefit immediately.  For those not submitting a registration or transfer with their membership, a gift certificate will be mailed that will be good through 2018.

Knowing the passion our current members have for our Association, the special has something for them as well.  New members will be able to list the name of one current member that referred them to the MFTHBA.  Each time a current member is listed on new member membership application form, the current member will receive a $5 MFTHBA gift certificate.  Gift certificates may be used on any MFTHBA service or merchandise.  There is no limit on the number of gift certificates that a current member may receive.  All gift certificates will expire on December 31, 2018.

Two options are available to join the MFTHBA.  An online form (http://mfthba.com/membership-form/) may be completed or for those wishing to mail a form, a membership form may be obtained at online (https://www.mfthba.com/pdfs/membershipapp18.pdf) or by calling the MFTHBA office.


Special Notes:

**A new member is someone who has never been a MFTHBA member.  Gift certificate is not transferrable and will expire December 31, 2018.

**Only one current member may be listed on a new member’s form.  Certificates may be combined but are not transferrable.  Gift Certificates will expire December 31, 2018.