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What is Fox Trot Service Net?

The MFTHBA’s Fox Trot Service Net is a program that brings together those who are seeking services and information related to the Missouri Fox Trotter and those individuals and businesses who provide such services.  Any MFTHBA member can participate in the program and there is no charge to be listed.

Those looking for services can access the listing of service providers around the world on the MFTHBA website at https://mfthba.com/fox-trot-service-net.  Fox Trot Service Net listings are distributed at equine events throughout the year and when individuals contact the MFTHBA looking for references, individuals are provided contact information for only for members who have opted in to Fox Trot Service Net.

Signing up for Fox Trot Service Net is easy.  Members can access the online form at website listed above or can contact the MFTHBA office for more information.

For those looking for services, simply visit https://mfthba.com/fox-trot-service-net.  You may search for services by State or, utilizing the “advanced search” option, may search by the following categories:




Horse Training

Riding Lessons

Horse Vacation Amenities


Pony Owner/Breeder

Horses for Sale

Ponies for Sale

Stallion Services

Pony Stallion Services

Fox Trotter Tack

Pony Tack

Visitors Welcome


*Note the Owner/breeder tab is for MFTHBA members that may not offer services or items for sale, but are willing to be a contact for individuals looking to learn more about the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.