Futurity Rules

2022 Three Year Old Futurity

   Rules and Regulations

A. 2019 foals shall be nominated per deadlines and nomination fees listed per item F Postmark acceptable for all but May 31st deadline. All fees and forms must be in the MFTHBA office by 4:30pm on May 30, 2022 for horse to show.

B. Entries must be made with markings (in detail) and color on the entry

C. All entries are to be sent to the MFTHBA Office in Ava, Payable with check, cash or credit/debit card. Mail, fax or hand delivery accepted.

D. A sufficient number of nominations, as determined by the Board of Directors, must be received by January 1, 2022 or fees will be

E. All entries shall abide by the MFTHBA Rules.

F. Entry fees are as follows: Nomination fee due on or before October 31, 2021, nomination fee being $40.00.

The first installment of $40.00 will be due December 10, 2021, no payment due in January, and the following three installments of $40 each, due the 10th of each month February-April. Horses paid up by October 31st will receive a 10% discount or a total cost of $180.00.  All horses must be paid in full, including all applicable penalties, by May 30, 2022.  Postmark is NOT acceptable for the May 30 deadline.

Payments if nominating by 10/31/21:    Penalties: 

Nomination fee $40
December payment $40 Dec. penalty $40
February payment $40 Feb. penalty $40
March Payment $40 Mar. penalty $40
April payment $40 Apr. penalty $40
Total Fee $200



Horses nominated between November 1, 2021 and May 30, 2022 shall pay nomination fees in full as follows:

November 1st – 30th                     $300

December 1st – 31st                      $400

January 1st – February 28th      $500

March 1st -31st                              $600

April 1st – April 30th                   $700

May 1st- May 30th                       $800


G. If in the case of death of a nominated horse, upon receipt of a death certificate by the MFTHBA Office, 30 days from the time of death from a licensed veterinarian, dated the day of death, a refund will be made.

H. If a nominated horse is sold the seller must notify the MFTHBA Office. Any color, markings, or name change, owner must let the MFTHBA Office know the horse is nominated in the futurity.

Training Rules: 

A. Horses may be shown at halter until January 1 of the year the horse is to be shown in the Futurity.

B. No horse may be shown under saddle prior to the Futurity.

C. Horses to be shown in the Amateur Owned & Trained Division may not have received any professional training unless specific rules and reporting procedures are followed for the horse to be started under saddle by a person other than the amateur See section 700-Show Rules, Policies & Procedures, (Section 54d), page 82 of the 2022 MFTHBA Official Handbook.  Notarized statement required.


A. Horses will show under MFTHBA show

B. Classes will be held in conjunction with the MFTHBA Spring Show held ending the second weekend in June.

C. Declaration as to division (amateur owned & trained, open amateur or open) will be made at the time the horse is entered in the class. Entry must be made before class entries are closed on the day of the

D. Classes shall be adjusted in number by the Board of Directors or their

E. Each class shall be ridden a maximum of 20 minutes, Time to be kept by a time keeper

F. The horse and rider shall be disqualified when the rider dismounts for any reason without permission of the

G. A horse to be shown in the Amateur Owned & Trained Division must meet specific ownership See section 700-Show Rules, Policies & Procedures, (Section 4 a), page 73 of the 2022 MFTHBA Official Handbook. Horse must be owned by the amateur exhibitor or an immediate family member. Transfer of ownership to current amateur exhibitor or immediate family member must be recorded in the MFTHBA office at least 60 days prior to the date the horse is to be shown in the Amateur Owned & Trained class.

H. Penalty for showing in the Three Year Old Futurity Amateur Owned & Trained Division if protested and found guilty will be to forfeit all winnings and be suspended from showing at MFTHBA shows for thirteen

J. In the Three Year Old Futurity Open Amateur or Amateur Owned & Trained Division, the horse must be shown by a current MFTHBA member who meets the MFTHBA definition of Amateur Status for the current year, as specified in the MFTHBA Official Rules, Standards and Policies.

K. In the Three Year Old Futurity Open Division, the horse must be shown by a current MFTHBA member who meets the MFTHBA definition of Professional or Amateur Status for the current year, as specified in the MFTHBA Official Rules, Standards and Policies.

Effective with the 2013 Futurity, horses will no longer be checked in from 4-6 on the day of qualifying classes. Show Management reserves the right to verify identity of horse.


A. The Futurity will be judged by the system approved by the MFTHBA Board for the 2022 Show Season.

B. Judges shall not discuss Futurity classes before or during the show period.

C. Neither the judge nor any member of his immediate family shall exhibit or own a horse in the Futurity.

D. The judge will not be eligible to judge provided he/she has been the trainer, exhibitor, owner, coach, lessor, lessee, rider, driver or model handler of said horse within the 6 months prior to the Futurity date.

E. Judges will be approved by the MFTHBA Board of Directors.


A. Pay-back will be determined by the entries in each Money that is paid as entry fee for horses that do not show will be prorated to each division based on percent of horses shown in that division. Percentage will be determined by dividing the total horses shown in the futurity into the number shown in each division. Percentages established for each division in the preliminary classes where the total number of horses shown shall be carried forward to stake class calculation.

B. Each entry must provide a W-9 Payback checks will be mailed to the person listed on the entries W-9 form as soon as possible after the show.

C. Pay-back shall be as follows in each performance class of allocation money:


1st-25% 2nd-20% 3rd-15% 4th-10% 5th-9%
6th-6% 7th-5% 8th-4% 9th-3.5% 10th-2.5%

D. Pay-back money shall be as follows: 15% will be withheld for administrative fees, 85%, less DQP expenses, will be paid back to the performances classes. 50% will go the preliminary classes, for any preliminary classes that are not full the money will be added to the stake class.

The MFTHBA Board of Directors and Show Management recommend that each exhibitor and owner familiarize themselves with current MFTHBA rules pertaining to membership and showing. 

Exhibitors are responsible for entering the correct class.