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Penalty Structure Established for Campers Plugged into Barns

Visitors staying at the MFTHBA Headquarters during the World Show and Celebration are reminded that campers and living quarter horse trailers may only be connected to Barns 16 and 17.  Connecting trailers to other barns creates a potential fire hazard.

“The safety of the people and horses attending the show is extremely important,” shared MFTHBA President Mark Mackie.  Because of the significant safety issue caused by connecting trailers to barns not equipped with the appropriate electrical systems, the MFTHBA Board has established a penalty structure for anyone caught with a trailer plugged into a barn.

Upon the first notice, an individual will be charged $280 and will be provided the option to move to a regular camping spot, if one is available.  If a second notice is required, the individual will receive an additional $200 penalty.  A third notice will result in another $200 penalty and the individual will be required to leave the grounds.

Any individual needing a camper spot should contact the MFTHBA office.