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The Latest News

Missouri Foxtrotting Horse Sale

The MFTHBA Board of Directors has brought back the September Premier Horse Sale held here on the grounds in the main arena!
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2023 starting at 10AM
Selling Weanlings, Yearlings, 2 Year Olds and Broodmares from some of the TOP Stallions in the World.
Registered Missouri Foxtrotters ONLY.
ALL horses will be on lead lines only. No horses will be ridden in the ring.
Catalog deadline is August 25, 2023 OR the first 100 consigned horses, whichever comes first. So hurry and get your horses consigned!
This will be a LIVE Auction with Internet Bidding.

Auction Benefiting Billiejean Thompson to be Held Friday Night

The MFTHBA will be hosting an auction Friday during the break of the evening session to support longtime member, Billiejean Thompson, who was recently diagnosed sarcoma cancer.

During the auction, attendees will have a chance to bid on two stalls in barn 14 (donated by Harry and Carolyn Wright), along with a gun and saddle (donated by Vic and Alice Rowden), a 6 month old standard Australian Shepard (donated by the Dennis Jessen family) and a Hilason Trail Buddy seat (donated by Ron and Chris McQueen)

All proceeds will be donated to the Thompson family. Attendees are reminded that to bid on the gun, bidders must be 21 years of age.

Special thank you to Adam Jokisch for donating his expertise as an auctioneer and Lisa King for organizing the benefit.

For those that cannot attend the auction, there will be a donation box at the MFTHBA Membership Dinner on Saturday, September 3.  Saddle and Spur will be raffling a $100 gift certificate on Saturday.  You may stop by their booth on vendor row to purchase a ticket.

If you have questions, please contact Lisa King at 417-689-4127.

Youth Committee Establish Youth Play Area

The Youth Committee will be hosting a youth play area on the east side of the cookshack.  “This room is not being utilized, so the committee thought this would be an ideal place to set up games for our youth attendees to enjoy,” share Joy Meizler, Region 7 Director.

The room will be available for youth to use all week.  If anyone has play items, game tables, or other fun games they would like to donate for the use during the week, please contact Joy at 417-280-2219.

UPDATED: Payback to be Offered to Amateur Owned, Open 5 Years and Older World Grand Championship

The MFTHBA is pleased to announce that the winners of the Open and Amateur Owned 5 Years and Older World Grand Championship will each receive $1000 in payback.  The prize money is being offered thanks to a generous sponsorship from 1st Phorm, the foundation of high-performance nutrition.  Learn more about 1st Phorm at www.1stphorm.com.

In addition, at least $500 in payback will be split between places 2 through 5 in each division thanks to a donation from Tom and Linda Frisella.  Longtime supporters of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, Tom and Linda not only provided this wonderful sponsorship but facilitated the sponsorship from 1st Phorm.

“We are grateful for members like Tom and Linda,” shared MFTHBA President Mark Mackie.  “Over the years, they have supported the MFTHBA in a variety of ways.  This sponsorship is simply another example of their commitment to the breed.”

Updated 8/30/22:  Metro Lighting Company is adding an additional $500 per division to be split between places 2 through 5.  This added money means places 2 through 5 in the Amateur Owned and Open 5 years and Older WGC will split $1000.  The winner of each class will take home $1000 thanks to 1st Phorm.  Thank you again to Tom and Linda Frisella for assisting with obtaining these sponsorships.



Penalty Structure Established for Campers Plugged into Barns

Visitors staying at the MFTHBA Headquarters during the World Show and Celebration are reminded that campers and living quarter horse trailers may only be connected to Barns 16 and 17.  Connecting trailers to other barns creates a potential fire hazard.

“The safety of the people and horses attending the show is extremely important,” shared MFTHBA President Mark Mackie.  Because of the significant safety issue caused by connecting trailers to barns not equipped with the appropriate electrical systems, the MFTHBA Board has established a penalty structure for anyone caught with a trailer plugged into a barn.

Upon the first notice, an individual will be charged $280 and will be provided the option to move to a regular camping spot, if one is available.  If a second notice is required, the individual will receive an additional $200 penalty.  A third notice will result in another $200 penalty and the individual will be required to leave the grounds.

Any individual needing a camper spot should contact the MFTHBA office.

9th Annual MFTHBA Membership Dinner Scheduled for September 3rd

The dinner is FREE for MFTHBA members.  Non-members of all ages are welcome to attend but must pay a fee of $5.

The menu for this year’s dinner will feature hot dogs and hamburgers. The dinner will be held at the Roy Williams Pavilion.

The Membership Committee would like to thank MFTHBA members Gary and Susan Thomlinson for their support of this year’s dinner.  Gary and Susan are providing some of the burgers as well as providing a grill and smoker for the volunteers to use to cook the meal.

Please plan to bring a chair to the dinner.

To help with planning, please RSVP by Wednesday, August 31, by using the provided link or calling the MFTHBA Office at (417) 683-2468.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!


MFTHBA Showgrounds Equine Entry Requirements

Attendees bringing horses to the World Show and Celebration are reminded that ALL horses entering the grounds must present a negative Coggins test and a valid Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.  Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (aka health papers) must be issued within 30 days of arrival at the show.

The Board also recommends that exhibitors work with the veterinarian to determine appropriate booster vaccinations needed before attending the show, including Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Equine Influenza, and Equine Herpesvirus.

All Horses Checked Upon Entry

Horses must enter through the equine entry gate to have their paperwork checked and be visually inspected.  There is a $10 per horse inspection fee. The equine entry gate will be staffed starting Friday, September 2.

Equine Entry Gate Hours:

Friday, September 2, and Saturday, September 3: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sunday, September 4- Saturday, September 10: 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

For horses arriving earlier than Friday or outside equine entry gate hours, an individual will be available Friday, September 3, and Saturday, September 4 to check in horses at their stalls.  This will occur between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. each day.  To have horses checked during this time, owners must sign up in the MFTHBA office.

Monitor Your Horses

Before, during, and following the show, all horses should be closely monitored for any signs of illness.  Horses exhibiting any symptoms of illness should not be brought to the show.  If symptoms of any type of illness are noticed during the show, horse owners should contact the on-call veterinarian and the MFTHBA office immediately.

Practice Biosecurity

Horse owners should practice good biosecurity before, during, and following the event.  Below are some suggestions for preventing disease in your horses. These recommendations were adapted from the United States Department of Agriculture brochure “Biosecurity—The Key to Keeping your Horse’s Health.”

At the show or trail ride:

  • Don’t share equipment (e.g., buckets, brushes, etc.) with other horses. Diseases, fungus, and bacteria can be spread through shared equipment.
  • Wash your hands, especially after you help other people with their horses.
  • When you arrive at the show grounds or trail riding facility, clean and disinfect the stalls you will be using. This is especially important in locations where another horse recently occupied the stalls.
  • When you arrive home, shower and put on clean clothes and shoes before going near your other horses. Clothing can carry disease from one location to the next.

Visiting farms, horse shows, and auctions:

  • Have a pair of boots or shoes that you save for visiting. These shoes or boots should not be worn around your own horses. Plastic boot covers are another option. Manure and soil collected on your boots can carry disease from one location to the next.
  • Change clothes when you arrive home, prior to working with your own animals.

Bringing a horse home from a show or trail ride:

  • If even one of your horses travels, all of your horses need to be vaccinated. Horses can bring disease home with them to your operation. Work with your local veterinarian to determine an appropriate vaccination program. Be sure to tell the veterinarian where you plan to travel as different areas of the country have different disease concerns.
  • When you return from a trip with your horses, isolate the horse from the rest of your herd for at least 2 weeks. Returning horses should not be allowed to have nose-to-nose contact with other horses.
  • Work, feed, and care for quarantine horses last to prevent spreading diseases among your herd.
  • Don’t share equipment (e.g. buckets, brushes, etc.) with other horses. Diseases, fungus, and bacteria can be spread through shared equipment.
  • Wash your hands and change your clothes after you work with quarantined horses.
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to work with their local veterinarian to determine other ways they can prevent the spread of disease.

“We want all the equine visitors to the World Show and Celebration to arrive and leave healthy,” shared Mark Mackie, MFTHBA President.  “If the health status of your equine partner is in question, we ask that you consider all the other horses attending the event when making your decision to bring the horse to the showgrounds.”

Reserve World Grand Champion Winners Need to Pick Up Jackets

Winners of a Reserve World Grand Champion this week at the World Show & Celebration are receiving an award jacket. To pick up the jackets, please come to center ring Thursday and Friday immediately after the show. For those that win a reserve world grand championship on Saturday, please email Region 5 Director, Debbi Levillie, to arrange to have your jacket mailed to you. She can be reached by email at stitches605@windstream.net

Saturday Night Live Stream Available, Live Look-ins

Missouri Fox Trotting Horse enthusiasts from around the world will be able to watch the Saturday night performance of the World Show and Celebration live.  The MFTHBA has partnered with TDH Media in Ava, Missouri to provide the service.  Interest individuals can view the live stream for free HERE or viewers will be able to view it live on the MFTHBA Facebook page.

This year’s partnership with TDH Media is limited to Saturday night with the hope it can be expanded to other days and events in the future.

In addition to the live streaming, volunteers from the MFTHBA Membership Committee will continue to provide “live look-ins” of classes on the MFTHBA Facebook page.