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Ranch Horse Classes Canceled

Ranch horse classes are an important part of the Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity and the World Show and Celebration; however, in recent years the exhibitor numbers have dropped. This has been especially true for the Spring Show. “Our exhibitor numbers in the spring have been low for a number of years,” share Dr. Joyce Graening, MFTHBA President.

The versatility committee was concerned early on about having sufficient entry numbers to host the classes. “The concern about entry numbers was presented earlier this year by the versatility committee. The committee recommended reaching out to last year’s Spring Show ranch horse exhibitors to ensure they were planning to attend,” shared Dr. Graening.

At the May meeting, the versatility committee reported that they had completed this effort and few would be able to make it this June. “It isn’t because they aren’t interested in the classes. It is simply life issues,” said Dr. Graening. “It sounds like most will plan to attend the Celebration.” The committee also reviewed pre-entry numbers. At the time of the meeting, no exhibitors had pre-entered the ranch horse classes.

Based on the information they had obtained, the committee recommended to the MFTHBA Board of Directors that the ranch horse classes, scheduled for June 10, be removed from the schedule. The Board reluctantly concurred with their request.

“The Board was disappointed to accept the request of the committee. The MFTHBA is committed to growing our ranch horse program and continue to look for ideas on improving our exhibitor numbers,” shared Dr. Graening.

A similar review will be conducted by the versatility committee prior to the World Show and Celebration. Ranch Horse exhibitors are encouraged to pre-enter as early as possible.