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Karaoke Returns to the Celebration

Warm up your vocal chords and put on your dancing shoes!  Diana Queen returns to the MFTHBA showgrounds for a fun night of karaoke immediately following the performance classes on Tuesday, September 4th.

Even if singing and/or dancing is not in your wheelhouse, everyone enjoys the opportunity to visit.  Karaoke night is one of the nights where everyone can get together and enjoy some comradery.

“We received feedback last year from a number of people that Friday night was not their first preference for karaoke night for various reasons.  With the youth auction returning on Thursday night, we tried to find a night that did not already have something planned.  We also wanted to spread out the events throughout the week, which is why the new date was selected,” shared Amy Stangl, MFTHBA Membership Committee Chairman.

Please plan to join in the fun at the Pavilion right after the last performance class of the evening on Tuesday, September 4th.