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Earlier this year MFTHBA members received a Members Only newsletter highlighting registration and financial yearend information from 2020.  Like many organizations and people around the world, the MFTHBA felt the impact of COVID-19.  Canceled events, reduced attendance, economic downturn, and other factors combined to create a tough year.

After receiving this information, MFTHBA member, Keith Davis, contacted the MFTHBA with a challenge to all MFTHBA members and Missouri Fox Trotting Horse owner to support the MFTHBA by donating at least $25 to support the MFTHBA.  We appreciate the passion of members like Mr. Davis and are grateful for the support of Missouri Fox Trotting Horse owners around the world.  This page on our website is dedicated to the challenge Mr. Davis set forth and to all those that meet his challenge to support the MFTHBA.


Together we can help the MFTHBA bounce back.  Any donation, large or small, is appreciated.

You may designate the area for your support. Otherwise, your donation will be applied to the area with the most need.

  • Grounds: Each year the MFTHBA spends money for repair and maintenance on our grounds.  This is in addition to the full-time groundskeeper and mowing contract.  Donated money will be used to offset Grounds cost for 2021.
  • Registry: Our registry is the backbone of the Association. In addition to day-to-day registry activities, the registry section covers promotion efforts, partner organization programs, establishes recognition programs (like the new medal program), publishes the annual catalog, funds communication tools for our members, and provides funding to support affiliate activities. This year, the MFTHBA is looking to launch a new recognition program for our youth members.  Donated money will be used to offset Registry expenses for 2021.
  • Shows: Each year the MFTHBA showcases our breed in two fantastic events held at the MFTHBA World Headquarters.  Donated money will assist in offsetting ribbon, prize, judge, and other in-class expenses for the 2021 shows.
  • Online Horse Records Update: The focus of phase two of our database/technology update will be a complete update of the Online Horse Records System, which launched in 2002 and stopped updating when the new database launched. The Online Horse Records is a separate website that taps into the MFTHBA database to pull information, providing our members access to registry information.  This service has been offered free to our members for many years.  The primary focus of phase two will be a redesign of the site to provide members with more information, increase useability for our members, make the application mobile friendly and update the technology behind the site. In addition, phase two will also focus on incorporating past show results, Fox Trot America awards/hours totals, and specific National Trail Ride tracking and expanding the report functions for the office staff.  The addition of this functionality will allow this information to be available to our members through the Online Horse Records System. As a donation-funded project, completion of phase two is dependent on the support of members, like you. All donations made to the Database fund are restricted for use on this project. Any unused funds from phase 2 will support the last phase of the project, including an update to MFTHBA.com.

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Thank you to these donors:

Keith Davis

Willis Roethemeyer

Leslie Lingle

Mark Mackie

Amber Wilson

Pat AuBuchon

Kenneth Chapman

Junior & Virginia Combs

John & Patty Heldt

Daphyne Clowers

Frederick Gerty

Bliss Meisner

Ruth Moore

Tom & Patti Hayes

James Watson

Jessica Harris & Jake Benson

Beth & Jimmy Ross

Katie Morton

Jessie & Karen Hammer

Miller Ranch Inc

Kenneth & Carol Terry

Amy & Shawn Stangl

Chastity Young

Terry Messex

Lea Valentine

Sam & Debby Gerhardt

Melanie Bihler

Wilson Farms Fox Trotters

Jacki Garrett

Pam Lynn

Linda Kay Sutton

Valerie Blackstock

Ruth Massey

Jan McDougald

Jeff Shields

Mary Lou Church

Leslie Bever

Sandy Fox

Harriett Cooksey

Stacey Braswell

Katharine Elverum

Karen Graddy

Julie Cook

 Joy Meizler

Melvin Snethern

Jane Ahrens

Lori Reed

Kathleen Williamson

Robin Derrick