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National Committees for MFTHBA

Affiliate Committee

Purpose: Aid current and future affiliates with organizational and recruitment issues and secure their position as a viable entity of the MFTHBA

Chairman: Sam Gerhardt – Newport, TN – 423-237-8724 – Send EMail

Board Rep: Gale Thompson

Office Contact: Tammy McFarlin


Breeders Committee

Purpose: Develop programs and find ways to get more compliance in Registering foals and Transferring registrations.

Chairman: Joe Stewart – Farmington, AR – 479-601-4567 – Send EMail

Board Reps: Ross Harper and Alexis Zastoupil

Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown


Building and Grounds Committee

Purpose: Maintain grounds, infrastructure and equipment. Make recommendations for improvements.

Chair:  Aaron Stanifer – Fordland, MO – 417-838-2019 – Send EMail

Board Rep: Ted Nichols

Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown and Tammy McFarlin


Historical Committee

Purpose: Preserve the history of the MFTHBA registry and show grounds

Chair: Pam Middleton — Lebanon, MO — 417-880-0361 — Send EMail

Board Rep: Eddie Moore

Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown


Judges Education Committee

Purpose: Provide a comprehensive educational process to train and evaluate prospective judge’s according to the current MFTHBA rule book and the approved judging standard.

Chairman: Linda Frisella-Villa Ridge, MO-314-504-5244 Send EMail

Board Rep:

Office Contact:


Judges Accountability Committee


Chairman: Karen Graddy- Rogersville, MO – 417-880-4044 – Send EMail

Co-Chairman: Debbie Franklin – Buffalo, MO – 913-238-2759 – Send EMail

Board Rep:

Office Contact:


Membership Committee

Purpose: Recruit new members, retain the current members, and re‐enroll former members.

Chairman: Amy Stangl — Bonner Springs, KS — 816-806-9288 — Send EMail

Board Reps: Dennis Bromley and Alexis Zastoupil

Office Contact: Tammy McFarlin


Promotions Committee

Purpose: Increase the horse industries’ knowledge of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse. Promote MFTHBA programs and events to MFTHBA members and the general public

Chairman: Shelly Robbins — Basehor, KS — 913-205-4030 — Send EMail

Board Reps: Amber Wilson and Beverly Frizzell

Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown and Tammy McFarlin


Show Committee

Purpose: Plan, coordinate and make recommendations to the MFTHBA Board for their approval for the Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity and the World Show and Celebration.

Chairman: Julie Odor – Springfield, MO – 341-604-5111 – Send EMail

Performance Sub-Chairman: Larry Kilroy- Bucyrus KS – 913-449-8555 – Send EMail

Model Sub-Chairman: Rebecca Simmons – West Plains, MO – 417-293-0808 – Send EMail

Versatility Sub-Chairman:  Chastity Young – East Lynne, MO – 816-392-8125 – Send EMail

Board Reps:  Beverly Frizzell and Ross Harper

Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown and Tammy McFarlin


Sponsorship Committee

Purpose: Develop and implement a comprehensive sponsorship program for the MFTHBA.

Chairman: Jennifer Stewart – Farmington, AR – 479-601-4535 — Send EMail

Board Reps: Amber Wilson and Alexis Zastoupil

Office Contact: Tammy McFarlin and Cathy Lansdown


Trail Committee

Purpose: Plan events, educate members, and encourage members to participate in trail riding.

Chairman: Jeff Alcorn – Theodosia, MO – 417-683-7929 – Send EMail

Board Reps: Eddie Moore and Gale Thompson

Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown


Trainers Committee

Purpose: Provide input, suggestions, and expertise to the MFTHBA board and membership from the MFTHBA trainer’s perspective.

Chairman: Mike Rutledge – Walnut Grove, MO – 417-631-7314

Board Rep:  Jennifer West

Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown


Youth Committee

Purpose: Develop and administer MFTHBA youth appropriate activities and programs.

Chairman: BillieJean Thompson – West Plains, MO – 417-257-5140 – Send EMail

Board Reps: Jennifer West

Office Contact: Tammy McFarlin