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National Committees

National Committees for MFTHBA

Breeders Committee

Purpose: encourage breedings and registrations

Chairman: Brent Abbott – London, AR – 479-857-3013 – brent@beacontire.com
Board Reps: 
Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown


Building and Grounds Committee

Purpose: maintain the buildings and grounds which are owned by the MFTHBA

Chair:  Jim Kilburn — Springfield MO — 417-840-9788 — jandjfoxtrotters@sbcglobal.net
Board Reps: Ted Nichols & Eddie Moore
Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown and Tammy McFarlin

Historical Committee

Purpose: preserve the history of the MFTHBA registry and show grounds

Chair: Pam Middleton — Lebanon, MO — 417-880-0361 — pjmiddleton@centurylink.com
Board Rep: Beverly Frizzell
Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown

Judges Education Committee


Chairman: Jan Alford — Buffalo, MO — 417-880-4970
Board Rep:
Office Contact: Krissy Gasek

Membership/Affiliate Committee

Purpose: recruit new members, retain the current members, and re-enroll former members

Purpose: aid current and future affiliates with organizational and recruitment issues and secure their position as a viable entity of the MFTHBA

Chairman: Amy Stangl — Bonner Springs, KS — 816-806-9288 — astangl920@gmail.com
Board Reps: Lisa Cantrell & Marie Boyd
Office Contact: Tammy McFarlin

Promotions Committee

Purpose: increase the horse industries’ knowledge of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, administer the MFTHBA Affiliate Cost Share program, and promote MFTHBA events

Chairman: Shelly Robbins — Basehor, KS  — 913-205-4030 – ballgirl010@gmail.com
Board Reps: Dennis Bromley & Chad Hindman
Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown and Tammy McFarlin

Show Committee

Purpose: plan and make recommendations to the MFTHBA Board for their approval for the Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity and the Show and Celebration

Chairman: Mitzi Mantle — Sparta, MO — 417-588-5696 — mitzml@hotmail.com
Board Reps:  Ted Nichols & Amber Wilson
Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown and Tammy McFarlin

Sponsorship Committee

Purpose: develop and implement a comprehensive sponsorship program for the MFTHBA

Chairman: Mark Mackie — 417-894-3634 — kram31@hotmail.com
Board Reps: Dennis Bromley & Amber Wilson
Office Contact: Tammy McFarlin and Krissy Gasek

Trail Committee

Purpose: plan events, educate members, and encourage members to participate in trail riding; administer the National Trail Ride Program and Fox Trot America

Chairman: Jeff Alcorn – Theodosia, MO – 417-683-7929 – j41alcorn@ymail.com
Board Reps: Eddie Moore
Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown


Trainers Committee

Purpose: provide input, suggestions, and expertise to the MFTHBA board and membership from the MFTHBA trainer’s perspective.

Chairman: David Ogle – Ash Grove, MO – 417-751-2002 – davidogle99@yahoo.com

Board Rep: Heather Harrison
Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown

Versatility Committee

Purpose: work with the Show Committee to plan and make recommendations to the MFTHBA Board for their approval for the Spring Show and Three Year Old Futurity and the Show and Celebration

Chairman: Jennifer Roberts — Bradleyville, MO — 417-543-8245 — rhytmenrhyme@yahoo.com
Board Reps: Ross Harper & Jen West
Office Contact: Cathy Lansdown

Youth Committee

Purpose: develop and administer MFTHBA youth appropriate activities and programs

Chairman: BillieJean Thompson – West Plains, MO – 417-257-5140 – billiejeanbuck@hotmail.com
Board Reps: Lisa Cantrell & Jen West
Office Contact: Tammy McFarlin