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Become a MFTHBA Carded Judge!

Are you interested in judging Missouri Fox Trotting Horse classes? The MFTHBA offers a training program to teach and certify judges.

In order to apply for a judge’s license, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Current member in good standing of MFTHBA;
  • Age 18 or older;
  • Attend and complete an official MFTHBA Judges Seminar to consist of educational segments on performance, model and versatility, as well as ethics, protocol and general information relating to judging;
  • Acceptably judge a group of horses, on video and/or live;
  • Complete the written rules evaluation as revised to accurately reflect rule changes and objectively measure an applicant’s knowledge of the MFTHBA’s rules and standards, answering 85% or more of the questions correctly;

Upon meeting the above requirements, a Judge Apprentice card will be issued.

An apprentice must judge a minimum of 3 MFTHBA-approved shows under the supervision of MFTHBA carded judges with a minimum of 6 classes. The apprentice must complete this requirement in no more than 36 months.

Once an applicant successfully completes all the requirements, the apprentice must be recommended by the MFTHBA carded judges under whom the applicant apprenticed to the MFTHBA Board of Directors for final approval.

The MFTHBA Board of Directors will provide final approval for the issuing of the full judges card. Additional endorsement for versatility and/or ranch horse may also be added if the applicant is qualified.

Additional information about the process and the process for renewing an issued judges card can be found in the MFTHBA Rule Book .

Need to renew your card?  Complete the Judges Renewal Application on the Judge’s Forms and Downloads page.

   Judges Training Seminar Schedule:

Seminar is open to those interested in getting their MFTHBA judges’ cards for the first time as well as those wishing to renew their current card.  Auditors are also welcome to attend. The training will be held in the Hall of Fame Room, located at the MFTHBA World Headquarters in Ava, Missouri.  Demonstrations and judging will take place in the appropriate arena.  All attendees must pre-register and pay the $25 registration fee.

Those interested in attending must register with the MFTHBA office at (417) 683-2468 or foxtrot@mfthba.com.  Individuals should register by the 1st of September.

Those attending that wish to apprentice during the World Show & Celebration, should notify the judges training committee the morning of the seminar.