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Registering your horse with the MFTHBA is a smart decision.  Registering your Missouri Fox Trotting Horse provides official documentation of the horse’s lineage, records ownership and makes the horse eligible for exclusive programs.   In the long run, this registration may increase your horse’s value.  Most importantly, registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses are critical to the longevity and future of this amazing breed of horse.

How to Register a Missouri Fox Trotting Horse

Prior to the registration being completed, the foal, the sire and the dam must all have DNA on file with the MFTHBA office.  DNA kits must be ordered from the MFTHBA.  The MFTHBA recommends that mare owners confirm that the stallion has been DNA tested prior to breeding to the stallion.  If your foal will be conceived by artificial insemination utilizing shipped semen or embryo transfer, there are additional requirements.  More specifics on these requirements can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page and in the MFTHBA Rule Book.

The actual process to submit the initial registration is simple.  If you prefer to register your foal electronically, click here.

  1. The stallion owner should provide you an Application for Registration, commonly referred to as a Breeder’s Certificate.  Typically this will be provided after the foal has arrived.
  2. The stallion owner should complete the applicable sections on the stallion as well as the information on breeding dates.
  3. The mare owner should complete the remaining information on the form
  4. To register a spotted foal, applications must include a photo of the left side, a photo of the right side and a photo of the face. Pictures must show ENTIRE left and right side of the horse’s body (head, trunk, legs & feet). Do not trim pictures, they will be scanned to be included on the registration papers. Photos may also be submitted electronically.
  5. All owners of the newly registered horse must be MFTHBA members.  If you need to join, complete the MFTHBA Membership Form or complete an electronic application.  Learn more about the benefits of membership on our membership page.
  6. The completed form, along with your MFTHBA membership application, if applicable, should be mailed to the MFTHBA office along with the appropriate fee.  Fees are based on the age of the foal at the time of registration.  If done prior to six months of age, registrations is only $20 (DNA required).  A complete listing of the current fee structure is listed on the Customer Work Order Form.

What is the cost to register a stallion, gelding, and mare (18 months to 3 years)?

Stallion $200.00

Gelding $100.00

Mare $200.00

What is the cost to register a stallion, gelding, and mare (over 3 years)?

Stallion $350.00

Gelding $100.00

Mare $350.00

You will use the Application for Registration form to register all three.

My horse isn’t spotted, but I would like to have a photo included on my registration papers.  Is that possible?

While photos are required for spotted foals, any foal being registered with the MFTHBA can have photos submitted for inclusion in their official record.  The MFTHBA encourages owners to do this.  Over the years, we have assisted many horse owners identify horses from auctions, sales and in other situations identify the appropriate horse.

What are the criteria for selecting a name?

Each animal for which registration is applied must be given an acceptable name which does not conflict with the name of any other animal registered with the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association, either living or dead, or duplicate an existing registry name, suffixes are not allowed to create a difference in name. Names must be limited to 30 characters, which includes punctuation and spaces.

Can I change name of a registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horse?

Yes.  The name of a horse may be changed as long as horse has not sired or produced a foal or has a show record at a MFTHBA sponsored show.  An administrative fee will be charged for changing the name.

How to Register a Missouri Fox Trotting Pony

The initial process to register a Missouri Fox Trotting Pony is the same as listed above except that all ponies must be DNA tested prior to registration.  Following this initial submission, tentative registration in the Missouri Fox Trotting Pony registry will be granted.  Tentative registrations will expire 6 months after the horses 5th birthday.  Prior to this time, the pony will need to complete gait inspection. This can be completed from ages 2-5 years of age.  In addition, the pony will need to be validated to meet the height requirements of the registry.  This cannot be completed until the pony is 5 years of age.  To qualify for permanent registration, a pony must be more than 44 inches and less than 56 inches in height at the withers and 5 years or older.

All of the forms can be found on the Registry Form page.