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High Point LogoOne of the several horse and rider recognition programs offered by the MFTHBA is the Horse Show National High Point Program.  Showing is an excellent way of demonstrating the versatility of our breed, and the National High Point program recognizes members who promote the Missouri Fox Trotters in the show ring.

New Program Launched in 2022

The MFTHBA Board of Directors has approved a new expanded point show program to assist local shows offering classes open to Missouri Fox Trotting Horses market their shows.  The program will also assist in documenting accomplishments of Missouri Fox Trotting Horses and recognize yearend high point winners.

The new program offers two levels of recognition for shows: recognized show and point shows.

What is a Recognized Show?

A “recognized show” allows for a show to be promoted by the MFTHBA as being open to MFT participation but provides flexibility for the show by not requiring an MFTHBA carded judge or that classes must be structured and follow MFTHBA rules.

Recognized shows may be hosted by an organization or individual and must use a licensed judge. The show must offer at least 8 classes open to Missouri Fox Trotters including Open Gaited Breed, Saddle-type, Open breed or Missouri Fox Trotting Horse specific classes.  Classes will need to meet the class classification key.

Shows must submit the required paperwork for approval with a small fee prior to the show.  Fees for MFTHBA affiliates are only $10 per day and non-affiliates pay only $25.  Shows must submit results for all participating Missouri Fox Trotting Horses within 21 days of the last day of the show.

Recognized shows will be listed on the MFTHBA website, promoted on social media and in email and text blasts.  Shows are encouraged to provide a show announcement and post show report that will be shared on the MFTHBA website.  In addition, results will be added to the horse’s official record.  Horses participating in the MFTHBA Medal Program will automatically receive points toward their Lifetime Achievement Medals without the need to submit additional paperwork.

What is a “Point Show”?

A “point show” must use an MFTHBA carded judge, use MFTHBA class descriptions, and follow the MFTHBA Rule Book for all designated point classes.  This includes requirements for owners and exhibitors to be MFTHBA members and obtain the required Open or Amateur cards.  These requirements must be met prior to the show for points to be accrued.  Point shows that also offer nonpoint classes can submit those results for inclusion in a similar manner as a recognized show.

To be eligible for point show status, a show must offer at least 8 point classes from the provided list.  The show must utilize a MFTHBA carded judge.  If the show uses multiple judges, all judges must be carded by the MFTHBA.

The show must submit a request for approval prior to the show and provide results for all point classes and any other classes with Missouri Fox Trotting Horses competing within 21 days of the show.  Affiliates will pay $25 per day and non affiliates will have a fee of $50 per day.

Point shows will receive the same promotional benefits as a Recognized Show.  In addition, point class results will be included in MFTHBA yearend awards including Trainer of the Year, Stallion of the Year and National High Points.

Recognized Show Application Packet

Point Show Application Packet