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Certification Training

Judges Certification Clinic Registration Form (PDF Format)
Judges Certification Clinic Online Registration Form

Clinic Directions

Clinic Flyer

Clinic Schedule

The Volunteer Forms are to be completed by anyone interested in serving the association as a rider, speaker, or general volunteer at an MFTHBA Judging Certification Clinic. Everyone is welcome to apply as there are a variety of needs including some with horses and some without. This is a great opportunity to give back to the association and to learn. All volunteers are welcome to stay and audit the whole clinic before and after their responsibilities making this also an excellent learning opportunity. More details can be found on the Volunteer Forms.

Rider/Speaker Volunteer Application

General Volunteer Application

Judge Application Form

Application Form

Renewal Form

Judge Renewal Form

Judge Test

Individuals planning to participate in a judges certification clinic should complete the General Test (which includes Model) before the clinic. Those wanting to judge versatility may also take the Versatility section of the tests. These may be open-book tests.  The completed test/s should be sent to the MFTHBA office.  During the certification clinic, individuals are required to take the same test, closed book, and receive a minimum of  85% correct to continue in the judge education program.

Individuals wanting to renew their card are required to take the General Test (which includes Model) as well as the Versatility if they are renewing both certifications. Those wishing to add Versatility who have not been carded in Versatility before will also be required to take the closed-book test and receive a minimum of 85% and complete the other requirements of the clinic to renew their certification and also obtain their Versatility certification.

All tests, renewal application and appropriate fees are to be sent to the MFTHBA office.

MFTHBA-Judges Committee

PO Box 1027

Ava, MO  65608

Part 1: General Gait, Performance, and Model

Part 2: Versatility

Evaluation Form

Judge Evaluation Form

Apprentice Judge Evaluation Form



The MFTHBA has approved minimum criteria to be considered for employment as a judge at an MFTHBA sponsored show.  Carded judges that meet these criteria and indicate they are available to judge will have their names forwarded for consideration.  Meeting these criteria does not guarantee selection to judge.  Final judge employment decisions are that of the MFTHBA.  Carded judges that have questions regarding whether they meet these criteria should contact the MFTHBA Judges Committee for more information.

MFTHBA Judging Criteria