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Transfer Ownership of Registered Horse

Congratulations on purchasing a Missouri Fox Trotting Horse or Pony.  Horse ownership is a tremendous responsibility but also provides considerable joy.  The MFTHBA is committed to maintaining accurate records for all registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses and you play an important role in helping us meet that mission.

How to Transfer Ownership

  1. When you buy a registered fox trotter, the previous owner should give you the registration certificate. The registration certificate should indicate the seller is the current owner of the horse.  If the papers have not previously been transferred, the MFTHBA can still assist you with the transfer however additional fees may apply.  Please see the FAQ section below.
  2. Look at the back of the registration paper:  Write the name/names and address of new owners on lines provided in box that the previous owner signed off in. A maximum of two persons may jointly own a horse.
  3. Make sure that the previous owner has signed off on “signed” line.
  4. Fill in the “date of purchase”
  5. The transfer fee is $25.00. You must be a current member to transfer a horse. If your horse is owned by two persons, both owners must be MFTHBA members. Again, please note that no more than two persons may jointly own a horse.  Legal Trusts may be listed as an owner as long as the proper documents have been filed with the MFTHBA office.
  6. Send the papers along with the Customer Work Order Form (go to Registry Formsand your membership application (go to Membership Forms), if applicable, to the MFTHBA office at MFTHBA, PO Box 1027, Ava, MO 65608
  7. Don’t forget to ask the previous owner if your new horse has been nominated or entered into any MFTHBA programs such as the Three Year Old Futurity, Medal Program or the Fox Trot America program.  Nomination to these program will transfer with the horse to the new owner.  If your new horse is not already nominated or enrolled in these programs, you may send in the application with your transfer.

Transfers are normally processed in 14 business days after receipt if all paperwork is complete. If you have questions regarding ownership transfer, please contact the MFTHBA office at 417-683-2468 or foxtrot@mfthba.com.

Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

I just bought a Missouri Fox Trotter but the previous owner did not transfer the papers?  How do I get the information up to date?

To complete this transaction follow the typical instructions for transferring a horse.  There will be a $25 per transfer cost to record the transactions.

I purchased my Missouri Fox Trotting Horse a year or so ago, does the cost to transfer the ownership change?

Yes.  The charge will be $40 for the transfer of a horse owned by a person for 1 or more years that has not completed the transfer process. We recommend and encourage all owners to transfer their papers within 30 days of purchase to ensure that our ownership records are accurate and up-to-date.

What does BT on the registration papers stand for?

Blood Typed.  This was commonly done prior to the availability of DNA testing.

What is the difference between Brown, Blue, and Gold Papered?

Blue Papered – (fourth generation foals) these are either fillies or colts that have the past three generations fully and permanently registered in the MFTHBA.

Brown Papered – Any registered foal not considered Blue Papered will fall into this category.

Gold Papered – Gold papers means that the mare, stallion and foal have ALL been DNA tested and there has been a comparison done to see if the DNA matches. That is called parentage verification. If all three match and the DNA results say parentage not excluded the horse is eligible gold papers and its Certificate of Registration will be stamped parentage verified.

Any horse that has been parentage verified by DNA can obtain gold papers. If the horse already has a certificate of registration there will be a $25.00 fee to have the papers changed to gold papers.