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Medal Program


MFTHBA Medal Program

Recognizing the accomplishments of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse and the Missouri Fox Trotting Pony.

The MFTHBA Medal Program provides an opportunity to recognize the achievements of MFTHBA and MFTPR registered horses.

 The program will:

  • Recognize horse accomplishments in a wide variety of activities
  • Provide future owners documentation of the horse’s experience increasing the potential value of the horse


How does it work?

Horses and ponies are nominated to the Medal Program.  The nomination fee is a lifetime nomination.  Once nominated, a horse or pony can submit information on their accomplishments to the MFTHBA.  This information will become part of the horse or pony’s permanent record.  Once the horse or pony reaches the established point level, they will be awarded a medal.  Owners should note that to receive points the owner of record for the horse or pony must be a current member of the MFTHBA.  Points earned while the owner is not a member will not be recorded.

Recognition Areas

Offering Silver and Gold Medals in 16 different Categories



  • Pleasure Horse (includes all types of pleasure classes including English, Western, Country, etc.)
  • Pleasure Driving
  • Hunter/Jumper (includes classes over fences, and jumper classes)
  • Model
  • Performance
  • Working Horse (reining and trail classes)
  • Ranch Horse (includes cutting, roping, working cow horse, ranch horse pleasure, ranch horse conformation, Team Penning, Ranch Sorting, and other ranch horse competitions)
  • Timed Events (Barrels, Gymkhana)
  • Competitive Trail
  • Endurance
  • Dressage
  • Trail Obstacle
  • Trail Riding
  • Sport Competition (Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Mounted Archery, Jousting, etc.)
  • Ambassador (includes events that are not judged, verified, or otherwise placed. Events in this category provide visibility and promotion for our breed including the participation in parades, equine expo demonstrations, mounted search and rescue, field trial events, foxhunting, drill teams, Fox Trot America and other similar events)
  • Breeding: Sire and Dam

Plus two special recognition levels:

  • All-Around (silver medal in 50% of available categories)
  • Supreme All-Around (silver medal in 75% of available categories)




Nominate your horse or pony for just $15 at the time of registration (18 months or under) or $50 for an adult horse.  The nomination is a lifetime nomination.  The owner of record must be an MFTHBA member at the time the points are earned.


Program Document: This document provides details on point structure and requirements for each category

Nomination FormOnline Nomination Form

Point Submittal Form

Historical Point Submittal Form (coming soon)