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National Trail Ride Program

Did you know you can earn beautiful prizes by participating in the National Trail Ride Program riding your registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horse? If you love multiple-day trail riding trips, this is the program for you. The National Trail Ride program welcomes people riding all breeds of horse, but if you’re a member in good standing of the MFTHBA and are riding a registered Missouri Fox Trotting horse, you can earn credit toward your award for each ride you go on. All you need to do is ride! The prizes are a Montana Silversmith buckle or a customize designed embroidered jacket.  More information about upcoming rides and forms below.

Schedule of Upcoming Rides

National Trail Ride Application Form

National Trail Ride Awards Rider Report Form










For participating in 10 MFTHBA National Trail Rides, MFTHBA members will be awarded a 10-ride Missouri Fox Trotter buckle.

For participating in 20 MFTHBA National Trail Rides, MFTHBA members will be awarded a customized, embroidered Missouri Fox Trotter jacket.
For participating in 30 MFTHBA National Trail Rides, MFTHBA members can choose between a 30-ride Missouri Fox Trotter buckle or an embroidered jacket. 
Current National Trail Ride Standings (as of Dec. 2016) 

5+ National Rides:

Lemuel Berry

Angela Breedlove

Craig Dansie

Bob Delcour

Thea Gervais

Donna Goss

Mark Goss

Traci Helterbrand

Phyllis Henderson

Bob Herd

Allen Herke

Ashlyn Herke

Walter Hutcherson

Diana Hyde

Connie Lee

Hershell Letsinger

Larry Luna

Lucinda Maki

Ross McKinstry

Barbara Mertens

Brenda Nilsson

Karen Philips

Ronald Rapp

Samara Riggin

Clare Ross

Carol Ross

William (Buddy) Savage

Lloyd Styles

Kristina Tracer

Randy Ware

John West

Bob Wheeler

10+ National Rides:

Jeff Alcorn

Char Alexander

Ben Alexander

Debbie Allee

Gary Braden

Peggy Christmas

Jimmy Christmas

Patsy Climer

Roger Cole DVM

Kay Conway

Don Crawford

Charles Curtis

Debby Gerhardt

Sam Gerhardt

David Giardina

Toni Giardina

Kathy Hardman

Tania Herke

James Hixson

Peggy Hixson

Bud Hutchison


J.W. Lott

Terry Messex


Steve Myers

David Nistler

Mary Nunnaley

Nancy Osgood -West

Larry Pierce

Stephanie Ruhland

Donald Ruhland

Emmett Sparks

Lea Valentine

Rosmarie Walter

Mary A. Williams


20+ National Rides:

Bill Brunner

Marsha Brunner

David Hardman

Darrell Martin

Carol Mason

Linda Nistler

Paul Parker

Carol Snell

Ellen Kay Stone

Terry Thomas

Paula Voyles

30+ National Rides:

Steve Assenmacher

Kate Assenmacher

Roy Brown

Donna Brown

Nancy Burns

John Cox

Kathie Hedgpeth

Dale Lawson

Jimmy Strader

Beverly Watson

Frank Williams

40+ National Rides:

Floyd Hurst

Carole Sharp

Bob Voyles

60+ National Rides:

Delmas Watson

70+ National Rides:

Joe Hamby

Wilma Hamby